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Gym Motivation

Looking to put up some new motivation posters in my home gym. What do some of you have in your gym? Pics appreciated.

The mirror, what more do you need? Seriously though, take a good long look in the mirror if you need motivation. You may feel like things are going well and it’ll encourage you to keep going, or, you’ll say, “I have some more work to do!” and you’ll get in there.

T-Nation also has a TON of great motivational pics and sayings on their Facebook/social media feeds, https://www.facebook.com/OfficialTestosteroneNation?fref=ts.

Nothing. No mirrors, no posters, no pictures.
Just a good playlist on my iPod going through good speakers and subwoofer.

If I need motivation before a session, I’ll watch some great bodybuilder training vids.

I liked having a few videos on my celphone that I would watch before the gym, or even in between sets. Just a few I saved off of youtube, usually with my favorite Pros and some heavy driving music behind 'em.

One in particular actually had a slower audio piece (“so far away” by Staind), and showed Cutler in the less bad-ass physical moments; plodding away doing cardio in an empty gym, looking over photos of his previous contest outtings,… it always really made me look harder at my own motication to improve, and the quiet, solitary moments en route to various contests.