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Gym Membership Prices

Hey just wondering what the typical Membership price is, I am currently paying $329 for the year($27 a month) and have paid as low as $17 a month, and as much as $35 a month, but some of the gym’s I have looked at wanted $50 a month and were mainly cardio centres.


I pay $24.99/month at Gold’s. I was paying $70.00/month at another gym before I switched to Gold’s. However, in Alaska, where there was absolutely no competition, I paid a $300 membership fee and $100/month, plus that was pre t-mag and I was fat and didn’t have the slightest clue what to do once I got in the gym so I was always too intimidated to go anyway.

In 97’ I paid a $50 downpayment and three years at $32/Month at Ballys Fitness center.

After three years, it dropped to about $12/Mth, but it increases 10% every year. I’m now up to just over $15/Mth.

Current Ballys prices are upwards of $60/Mth or higher for the Fitness centers, but they have down-scaled centers that have cheaper memberships.

$20 a month for a 24/7 key gym.

Believe it or not I got a free membership to a gym in Charleston S.C. just because I’ve rented from a particular apartment complex. I was completely stunned when I took my lease agreement in to Mt. Pleasant Fitness and Aerobics and they told me that as long as I was a rentor of such and such apartment complex there was absolutely no charge. Stuff like this never happens to me.

I clean equipment at the local Powerhouse for an hour a week. It beats the shit out of forty bucks.

$35 per month for a 24/7 key club + free chalk (ha! ha!)

Ballys and Golds are an exercise in fuckery. They both require contracts which limits choice. Anywhere I look these days is month to month with no penalties. I happen to work out at a YMCA which is far better than any Gold’s or Bally’s and they don’t require you to sign your nuts away when joining.