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Gym Membership: Good Deal?


I took a 4 months sick 'vacation' and lost 40 lbs in the process. I was with bally's but didn't feel like paying for the months I didn't go to the gym.

So, I went to 24 hrs fitness and signed up for 3 yrs....$700 for 1st 3 yrs and $149 yearly renewal. They had $820/$79, but I turned it down and went with the $700/149. Who knows what's going to happening 3 yrs later.
What do you all think? OK deals?



Sorry for the delay in replying, but I was busy being in a trance from your avatar.

I'm not a big fan of long-term contracts with gyms (then again I haven't had to pay for a membership in years).

It could be a sign that the gym is struggling financially, though in this case I doubt a 24 Hr facility would go under.

And like you mentioned who knows what's going to happen in the next 3 yrs.


Well, its a little late for advice now, isn't it?


Personally, I would never sign a contract that is that long. I just always think that 3 years is so hard to commit to b/c what happens if you have to move and there's no 24hr. gym where you move to? You're screwed in that case and there's no way to get your money back b/c those gym contracts are written in such a way that makes it nearly impossible to get a refund for any reason (I know, I worked at gym for 4 years).

Hopefully everything will work out for you.


My new gym has a basketball court, squash courts, swimming pool, freeweights galore, tons of cardio equipment and some nice ass. $50 a month $99 initation. NYSC!


gotta come out to big island...my gym...very bread/butter style...its got all you need...tons of Iron. and some Dusty Squat Racks..cuz apparently everyone thinks its the "Curling Cage"..sigh...but only 25 bucks a month pay as you go style...love it.


what's everybody big problem with curling in the squat rack? if there is nobody there than who fuckin cares. i use that shit every time i hit arms. i like the thicker bar, it helps allot with grip strength. you can customize it more than the preset bars, which are always taken ayways, and the bottom of the rack is at the perfect hieght to rest the bar between sets. it's either the empty squat rack or the busy bench bar.

just because some people can't load any wieght on to the bar, does not mean it's usless to everybody else. i don't know about your gym, but i don't have any 135+ curl bars. now if it's a little guy, yeah i can see the point of not using the squat rack, kinda makes me think that anybody who would make that comment, may be a little guy. some day you will understand.


Now I'm guilty of this in the past.

But, there's no real need to do it in the squat rack.

Take the olympic bar, find some space and set it on the floor, that's all the rack is for anyways. If you can't deadlift your "curl bar" from the ground, you might have some problems.


My 24 hr gym will allow you to get out of a membership if you can prove you have moved over 30 miles away!


i pay $20 a month for a small gym in a hick town that is 45 minutes away from a 24 hour gym.

it has its drawbacks, only open 6am-9pm m-f, 9am-noon sat, and closed on sun. the equipment is crowded in there, but it isn't too busy. all the equipment is 10 to 20 years old. a lot looks homemade. i like it.

and its pay as you go, no contracts.


I think the main problem is the type of people who just go to the gym and do bicep curls IN the squat rack..the once a week type gym goer who just does a few sets to just say "I went to the gym today"..with the physique of Woody Allen to boot. I dunno if it makes them feel more "bad ass" doing curls with an olympic bar (with no weight on it might I add) instead of the "non badass" 20lb dumbells (roughly equal weight of the bar)

But like the dude above said..do it somewhere else. Its especially annoying when you have a couple dudes waiting to use the rack for its actual purpose, while watching Woody ACT like he's actually working out attemptin to lift the unweighted bar...though quite comedic too...to each their own I guess.


i go to la fitness, there really isnt any room on the floor for a big ass bar, except in front of the squat rack. or the stationary bikes. i might as well use the rack anyways. again i can see if there are people waiting to use the rack, but if not who cares. it's nothing to be quilty of. it's my gym, i pay the same fee's, i can use whatever i want where ever i want. thats what i pay for.

if it helps me get big, i am going to do it. i can't let other peolple unjust feelings get in my way. if you are spending that much time worrying about what other people are thinking about what you use and where you use it, you need to focus. your lifting will benefit from it.


O, theres no problem with focus in the gym...that's what Spike is for (cha-ching!!. Biotest wheres my check at!??)

Didn't realize you were from LA. Im from there too and I know exactly what the gym's are like. Anything in the gym that can emulate a Bicep curl is taken, since thats the muscle of choice over there to show. And Its shame, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

If you took offense, well it wasnt intentional. Jus sharing my feelings on the situation.


24 Hour Fitness promotes a variety of these deals every year. I signed up about 18 months ago for a similar deal ($607 pre-pay for three years, $99 each year after that--cancel anytime). My deal includs all clubs, nationwide. I think it's a pretty sweet deal, even considering putting up with the lousy music and too many machines crammed into the building.

My understanding is that if you move to a city that doesn't have a club within a certain number of miles of where you live, you can cancel your membership. Sounds like you got decent deal, but could have done better. The best deal I've heard of in my area (Portland, OR) was $525 for three years, and $20 annual renewals after that.

Yes, there is a risk when paying up front but I'm confident that this company isn't going out of business anytime soon.

Now, get out there and lift!



no offense taken. it was a general response. i hear this all the time.


Most state laws require your contract to allow an out if you move out of the area. I had to have the attorney general approve my contracts before opening. Sounds like a good deal but a lot of time in order for gyms to be able to make it with low rates there needs to be a ton of members which means you wait longer to use the equipment just something to watch for.


I agree. But that is the nice thing about LA fitness. I went to one over the summer. Say what you will about it, but the squat and power racks were always open and I could do what I wanted.

Usually squatting but not always. At the gym I go to now, there's a fucking line out the door to use the squat rack. Fortunately most people actually use it to squat. But there's always so many people waiting to use it that if there is someone doing curls, I get truly pissed. And I don't hesitate to say something.


So, I went to 24 hrs fitness and signed up for 3 yrs....$700 for 1st 3 yrs and $149 yearly renewal.

So you already signed the contract, right? Is there any way to get out of it or are you obligated to pay for the 3 years no matter what? If you have already signed up then why bother asking if the deal that you have already made is a good one? What am I not getting here?

And btw, did you pay $700 up front or do you make monthly payments?


Ok, thanks for the replies!

I went there last night and it wasn't busy at all. It was around 11PM. I think I am going to stick with it. I paid less than my previous gym and can workout anytime I want.

The sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and the pool is way cleaner (and doesn't smell) than bally's. I also have the all gym, nationwide membership where I can go to any gym in the US.

In 3 yrs, maybe I will rich enough to join a better club. :slightly_smiling:

To the poster who ask what's the point of this post...they have a 3 days money back on the membership, so if I don't like it I can get a refund in within 3 days.

Thanks again for all the replies!