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Gym Jerk


There are a lot of posts about people who do dumb stuff in the gym that gets under our skin, but today someone did something dumb that will probably effect me.

I lift at New York Sports Club in Hoboken(its in Jersey but in North Jersey they are New York Sports Clubs and in South Jersey they become Philadelphia Sports Clubs- Jersey gets no respect.) NYSC is your typical mass market gym- tons of cardio and a hundred personal trainers teaching people to balance on balls. But it has its upside- most have at least one power rack and one squat rack and plenty of benches and you can use bands and chains and straps and chalk.

Of course some people have to abuse everything.

I walk into the free weight area today and it looks like there was a snow storm by the squat racks. Now I know chalk can get messy, thats why I leave it in a block and keep it in a plastic bag, when I am in a commercial gym that I am sharing with others, and when I'm done I wipe off the bar.

Today someone must have come in with 10 lbs of chalk and just dumped it in the rack and then danced around in it. It was unbelievable. Why would someone do that and just leave that mess.

I'm sure next time I go to this gym there will be a sign that says no chalk. If I ran that gym and encountered the crazy mess that was left today I would probably make the rule myself. Some people just suck.

I'm sure the guy who left the mess will be the first one to bitch about the new rule too.


I hate people like that because they make life hard for the more responsible people.


It's just chalk. I'm sure it will be gone soon enough. And you could have danced around in it and done your lifts anyway.


Even though its just chalk, it goes to show that some people don't give a sh1t and don't care about making a big mess. Chalk isn't that messy, but you can make it messy if you want to cause a scene or whatever. When you make your protein drinks, do you stir it really hard and let the protein splatter all over the counter and on the floor? LOL.

There was a barbell loaded with 400 pounds on the ground and chalk all over that area recently at my gym. So, the guy makes a mess and can't put his weights away. Hell, why even clean the gym then?


I'm trying to picture this in my head ... a big powerlifter guy in a ballerina suit ... twirling. That's funny.

What a shithead.

So much love.



Hahaha, there's a guy at my gym that I've coined the "Chalk Man". When he's walking around the gym it's a perfect representation of a magnified electron cloud. And I know when hes been at the squat rack because it looks like a scene from "Scarface". I think he even sorta freaks the chicks out when he's walking around with his tupperware container of chalk and his old school warmups that look like they've been battered with flour and ready for the fryer.


I'm pretty sure he didn't have a big problem with the chalk itself, just that the gym owners might use this as an excuse to ban chalk from the gym.


I don't allow chalk in my gym. And why would you have BANDS? I just put on Top 40 so I don't have to set up the amps, guitars, drums and light show ;^)

Seriously, I had two highschool athletes chalk up for deads, cleans etc. They ALWAYS clapped the shit off after they just put it on! I told them the next time you clap that chalk off and into a huge cloud, I'm throwing you both out the window (we're on the 4th floor). I don't mind chalk... I use it every w/o... ya gotta use it, but keep the shit on your hands, that's what it's for! What an A-hole that guy is.



Was it that guy? Because, if it was. You should definitly pick a fight and fuck him up.


Did anyone else notice Bastard's new avatar? I"m laughing my ass off!


Kick his ass, C Bass!