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Gym in Tempe?


I did not know where to post this so sorry if this is the wrong area. But i just moved to tempe and I'm looking for a gym that is a good gym with a good training environment.
Qualities I look for are

  • have dumb bells that go heavy .
  • Allow chalk
  • Chin up bars (straight).
  • Have rubber plates for power cleans.
  • are not anal about dropping weights or dumb bells.
  • Do not offer classes only ( like most crossfit places) but allow you to do your own thing.

Anyone know of a gym like this? i'm looking to pay month to month. but I don't want to have to take a class. if that makes sense. Thank you










I actually just moved to Chandler from MI; been looking at some gyms around here.

Been to 24 hour fitness at baseline and the 101 (my roommate belongs), and just went tonight to the LA fitness in Chandler. Both had signs saying "no dropping weights", and I think you going to find that at most any chain. Otherwise, LA fitness was nice; big, bright, good selection of equipment (machines to keep the yahoos busy while I lift free weights). Was quite crowded for a Tues tho.

Next I will go try Lifetime fitness on Priest south of Elliot.

One thing I've been doing the past month is sumo deadlift a rock I found in my backyard (renting a room in a house); the people driving by don't care if I drop that fucker in the dirt. Quite enjoyable.


Just moved from arizona a couple months ago. In the East Valley, you have a couple choices other than the 24 hour fitness and LA fitness. I like the lifetime fitness for something still commercial, but the price tag is a little high, but with that you get an awesome selection of equipment and facilities. I know a new metroflex gym opened up recently: 8551 East Anderson Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85255. That place looks awesome and even though its in scottsdale,with the freeway system, it shouldn't take long to get over there.

I used to travel 60 miles over to peoria to get to my gym. There's also gorillas gym in phoenix (3102 W Thomas Rd Ste 902), I know for a fact you can lift heavy, and use chalk there. They got a lot of good powerlifters, competing bodybuilders and fitness competitors last I heard. So if I had to choose, I would look into metroflex or gorillas gym for a gym with good selection of equipment and good atmosphere.