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Gym in Puerto Vallarta

I’m going on vacation in Perto Vallarta, Mexico, and was wondering if anyone could recomend a place to get in a workout. Ive been seeing some good gains so I don’t want to relax to much. Appreciate any help you can give me.


Hey, I’m looking up the gyms! Geez, I’ve sent a email to the Puerta Vallarta.net site. Y’know sad isn’t it - having to communicate with my boyfriend via T-Mag’s forum. (just kidding big guy - see ya later at home…)

There used to be a really good one named Tito’s but it was closed when I was there last year. Your best bet (at least as of last year) it to sneak into one of the bigger hotels and use theirs.

try this link looks OK to me



www.allaboutpuertovallarta.com/ localbusiness.htm

half way down are a few gym’s

Take the week off and relax. It would probably be more anabolic.

Normally, yes a break from the bonecrushing workouts would be good. However, the gains that Ko has been making have been tremendous. Both in lifting and the scale. In other words, he’s on a upswing and the gains have been consistent. I believe that just either one workout or two next week in Puerto Vallarta will be good. Why take a break when you’ve been making gains and have got the energy to boot to continue with the workouts?