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Gym in NJ?

The awesome gym i used to go to in central Jersey (Champion’s Fitness) closed down because they got evicted (wtf?). any jersians know of any good gyms in central NJ (trenton area)??

any help appreciated.

Zach Evan-Esch, Joe Defranco and Jason Ferruggia all have gym between south of Newark and NYC.

There’s a place called man’s world gym in Trenton. Never been there, but I heard they dont got the greatest equipment. But who cares, weights are weights and the owner’s real cool.

can someone describe what equipment they have? im currently considering switching gyms, and live 4 miles away just on the other side of the border

are you talking about man’s world? i checked it out one time about a year ago. i cant remember much but i know they have a back room with good benches, power/squat racks and i think a bunch of chains. besides that i can’t really remember. it was a little too… ghetto for my tastes.