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gym in mississauga,ontario canada or cheap plates/barbells etc.

Hi, I’m looking for a gym. The kind where the members humble you. Either that or a place where I can get olympic bars, plates and dumbbells on a student budget. Thanks for any help.

“Dick’s Sporting Goods” here in the Northeast United States has a package of weights that you can usually get for about 99 dollars american. The set includes an olympic bar, (2) 45’s, (2) 35’s, (2)25’s, (2) 10’s, (4) 5’s and (2) 2.5 Olympic plates for a total of 300 lbs when you ADD IN THE WEIGHT OF THE BAR (45 lbs)

I think you can order this on-line from them. Although you’ll have to pay shipping, It’s the best deal I’ve found.

Good luck.