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Gym In London


Hey chaps, just a quick thread wondering if any t-nationers out there know of any good gyms in London? I'm moving there and I'll be living out west towards Brunel University in Uxbridge but will be working right in The City and impartial between a gym in Uxbridge or in the center of London. What i'm looking for in a gym is for it to have a lot of platforms/free weights.

Any helps and suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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What was the Q again?


Hi mate,

I'll be honest. I'm not too familiar with Uxbridge ( i live in nw london) but in terms of quality BB/Power lifting gyms they're few and far between. I know there's a really good gym just by Hanger Lane which is run by Dave Beattie called Genesis. They've got some serious guys training down there...Jimmi Marku, Lawrence Sharlei and Andy Bolton to name but a few. Dont know how that would work travel wise for you though.


If anyone knows of a place near Trafalgar Square that'd be great.


I know the area really well, as I was at the Uni there once upon a time.
You can join the gym in the Uni. They have a free weights room which is pretty well stocked as well as another room that is cardio equipment and machines. The Uni has a strong sports background so the facilities are pretty damn good. Theres also another weights area which is alongside the indoor athletics track. You tend to see a lot of big guys training there (think rugby players, field athletes etc.)
It should suit your needs as they get a lot of professional athletes and sports teams out there training. I always use to see people like Mark lewis francis, Linford Christies etc training out there.

If you want a commercial gym, then there is a Virgin active and a fitness first in the town centre. Not been inside either, but these gyms don't tend to vary much. The plus with these is you could get a multi gym membership so you could train in the city gyms, or the ones in Uxbridge if you felt like it.

If you need anymore info just ask, though I've no idea why I'm helping a blue nose! ;p


Snap. I'm NW too. Do you train at Genesis? I've thought about joining, but heard it gets rammed in the evenings??


Firstly; good luck commuting from Uxbridge to the City every day, that will be a killer!

I would choose a chain where there will be a gym near your home and one near your work. My advice would be to leave home extra early and miss the morning rush hour then train before work otherwise you'll be home late every day, morning commute is usually worse than evening.


Sorry OP, this. I have heard Genesis is great, though I think you can just turn up and pay per session so maybe use them every now and then, you'll find it easier to fit you gym round your work I think.


+1 on commuting I lived in Uxbridge till I was 8. Perhaps my childhood memory is distorted but it is A LONG WAY to get to the centre from there on the tube


Nah it doesnt take that long, your looking at about an hour tops.


Jubilee Hall in Covent Garden.

Probably the best gym in central London. I tried it twice before going on holiday and I'm joining tomorrow now that I'm back.

If slightly further east is more convenient to you then Muscleworks near Bethnal Green is supposed to be amazing.

Do not go to Virgin Active. It's almost 3 times more expensive (at least was 2 years ago) and barely has any freeweights. It's mostly treadmills and powerplates.



Yeah, the commercial gyms are expensive and often lack the equipment you need for proper training.

Genesis is definitely the place to be if you like some hardcore powerlifting or bodybuilding workout.

I've been told Muscleworks is pretty badass too -- never been there though, men only club!


Hold up, you're in the UK?


If you're in the city, then you're extremely close to Muscleworks (hop on the central line to Bethnal Green area) or you can walk there from Bishopsgate in 10 minutes.


When the webpage starts with "Extreme Bodies" then you know that you're looking at a good gym. I've never been because I'd stick out like a sore thumb. Perhaps in a few years when I've exhausted my commercial gym.



Yeah, you can. 5 squids, bargain in my book

EDIT: Uhh, they changed their casual price. Its now 7pounds. This may mean they've also changed their membership prices as well, and the website is out of date.


Recently moved to sunny London myself. Have been looking at gyms around the Ealing/Acton area. Most are average, at best.

Best I've found so far would be the Energize fitness just next to Ealing Broadway Station. Commercial gym, but fairly reasonably priced (for this city/country), clean, well lit, decent sized free weights area (which they will be expanding around the new year)

Am going to Genesis tomorrow to check it out. (It's my birthday, have to treat myself to something).
Will report back and tell you all how it is.


On and off...


Right, so I've just got back from Genesis, and tbh I'm of two minds about the place.

On the plus side; They have a LOT of equipment. Lots of plates, lots of dumbbells, lots of racks and machines.
There's plenty of big guys there.
They pride themselves on being affordable; you'd be looking at paying about half what you'd pay at any commercial gym.
As mentioned by dre1986 its owned by Dave Beattie, and Andy Bolton and Jimmy Marku train there, so theres a lot of
knowledge there.

On the downside, tho; Its cramped. They have ALL the gear, but only half the space they need to put it in.
Didn't see any actual platforms, and no real dedicated space for deadlifts or oly lifts, if that's a deciding factor for you,
The plates and dumbells are all over the floor, not in the racks provided. Not sure about anyone else but that kinda
thing pisses me off. Whats the point of having stuff if you can never find it because somebody took it and couldn't be
arsed putting it back where they found it.

Hope some of this helps.
Good Luck finding a gym.


This looked awesome. If I ever make it to the UK I'd like to train here.


I've heard about Muscleworks but have not yet been. The Virgin Active in Coliers wood is a great, well equipped gym , though I can imagine the zone 1 club to be a bit shite.