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Gym in Hannover, Germany?


Alright hope this is the right forum.

Moving to Hannover, Germany shortly. Looking for a decent Gym, which ideally has squat rackS (not rack), kettlebells, that sort of thing. Not sure
whether thats realistic but if it is Im hoping to find someone here who'd know.

Thanks in advance guys!



There are some options:

1.) Kenpokan is very recommandable:


Their main focus is on martial arts, but they have a descent weightlifting equipment, kettlebells also!
On the other hand the membership is not very cheap.

2.) VfK Hannover:
That is a weightlifitng club, so weightlifting is their mainfocus... Powerlifting is also possible. Membership does not cost that much.

3.) SC Elite Hannover:
Also a sportsclub. Focus on powerlifting.

4.) Balance Fitness-Club:
Well, they got (still?) a squat rack. Changend it to a health-club, so I don't know if there still is a squat rack. No kettlebells.

5.) McFit:
Squatrack is there. Very cheap. Don't know if they got kettlebells.

6.) Atlantis Fitness-Center:
Squatrack. Membership is not that high.

I would recommand Kenpokan and the VfK Hannover.

Hope this helps!



Hey read your post just now.
I went to Kenpokan today but 70 euros for both gym and courses is too much for me+there doesnt seem to be much space for deadlifting or oly lifting. Im gonna try the VfK. That looks great.

Thanks again,



Hey just got back from my first session at VfK, they're awesome. Gonna stick with that. Thanks so much, I consider myself very lucky having heard about them.