Gym in Farmington, Burlington, or Torrington CT

Any hints as to where to sign up for a decent gym?

I don’t need much: heavy DBs, squat rack, flat/incline bench and pull/dip station.

Also, I’m a student and would like to keep costs down–but this is secondary to finding a place to lift.

I live in Burlington, but go to school in Farmington (and could stop by after class on the drive home). Torrington is kind of a haul but if its the best option I could make the sacrifice.

somebody, anybody?

Are you at the UConn Health Center?

If so, go to the Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in the Medical Arts building. They have a plethora of resources, including local places to train.

[quote]lancer55 wrote:
somebody, anybody?[/quote]

Miss Porter’s School?

There used to be a World Gym in Unionville, on Rte 4 between Farmington and Burlington. It was on the far side of the parking lot from the Friendly’s.

But if you’re in Torrington, look for Nautilus Plus, on Main Street (not Rte. 202, which is East Main, but the Main Street that runs up toward Winsted). If you don’t know Torrington and are coming from the east, take Rte 4 to Rte 8; head North on 8 and take exit 45. At the end of the ramp, turn left (south) and Nautilus Plus will be on your right.

Nautilus machines plus plenty of free weights. Owner’s the local HS football coach, a HIIT fan. I worked out there for many years, and when I’m back in town I use the place.

(And Carrot Top works out there when he’s doing a show in town; you’ll see his photo on the bulletin board.)