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Gym in Dallas?

I’m visiting my parents in Dallas for a couple of weeks and want to find a cheap and testosterone drenched place to train at.

Can anybody help me out. I would really appreaciate it.



I am moving to Dallas in two weeks. I was planning on doing the cellphone canvas of Dallas gyms, but if anyone has any suggestions for good gyms that allow oly lifting, I would very much appreciate it if you’d drop me a line.

I already know about the Spoon Barbell Club, and I may just train there, but I would also be interested in finding something closer to Irving, and it’s good to have several options in case one falls through.

Come on T-Nation. I’m to find a gym bad.

[quote]HurricaneM wrote:
Come on T-Nation. I’m to find a gym bad.[/quote]

There is a gym called The Ranch. It’s in Irving, not far from the Cowboys practice facility I believe. It’s suppose to be an awesome full-service facility.

[quote]doogie wrote:

Seconded, go workout with Ronnie.

Does anybody know of any hardcore high school gyms I could go to in Dallas??