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GYM in D.C. Area

Going to be the D.C. area for part of this summer and was wanting to know where I could find a gym. I am going to be living at GW university so something preferably close to there. Also, would like it to include a ghr machine. Thanks

I lift at Olympus in Alexandria, VA. They are good - lots of equipment, minimum of worthless frills, and a good price. Its also seldom terribly busy. I am unsure as to whether or not there are any in DC proper, but you might check it out. Another thing you might do is see what the GW gym is like - if its good, ask about it, some universities may let you pay to use their gym the summer. Best of luck!

There have been a couple threads on this you might search for. To sum it up though there really isnt anything to great in or near the D.C. area.

I would also suggest tryinr the University. Many of the have pretty good gyms.

Hope that helps,