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Gym Idiot-Freaks


What's up with those guys in the gym who obviously don't know what they're doing, slinging around weight like a circus act, yet still have huge arms, chest, back. They never do legs, just bench, bench, bench, curl, curl, curl. I hate those guys..


those guys are usually very 1-dimensional....i see lots of guys with big arms, but look like there chest got ran over by a steam roller and their legs look like garden hoses.


They obviously know more than you think


They train nothing like you do, yet are getting better results.

Think about that for a moment.


i have the same discussion with my friend all the time. those guys are the worst.


This is one of the most realistic responses I've ever read to that old question.


do they?

it could be they have good genetics and get big despite themselves.

Flip it around:

Imagine how big they could be if they actually knew what they were doing.


Yeah Marc Anthony think about that for a minute.

Could it be:
they've been training longer?
Have better genetics?
Take roids?

As I put in the previous post:

Imagine it they actually knew what they were doing.

They could conceivably be 20-30lbs. heavier and are probably leaving about an inch on their arms on the table.

Think about that for a moment.



reguardless of how much they know, if they have been doing curls for the past 5 years they will have big arms. Probably not as big as if they had been working out on a good program, but they have still put in their time to get where they are, whether they are being smart about it or not.


You always have this same old tired argument for this old tired argument.

First and foremost, the OP has no idea what these guys do for lifting. He sees them doing curls and assumes they do nothing else.

Secondly, who says you need to do rows to get your biggest arms?

Knew what they were doing? How about they maybe know, but because you didn't read it here you can't comprehend anything else working.

Funny how everyone jumps on the roids/genetics bandwagon when someone gets better results than them with a different program.



How much you know about physiology and exercise science doesn't matter one bit as long as you do the right stuff.

If they are big, they're doing something right whether they know their ass from their elbow.


My comment was in response to the following:

"What's up with those guys in the gym who obviously don't know what they're doing, slinging around weight like a circus act, yet still have huge arms, chest, back"

My response, is yes they do know what they are doing. There are many people on this forum that have criticized videos of Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman, saying they have horrible form.

As opposed to the 160lb pencil neck doing curls with a 5lb plate on each side.

All I am saying is that, there are times that it looks like I am slinging weight around, but in fact I am doing it for a reason. I occasionally incorporate cheat movements and partial ROMs and it works wonders for me.

I also have what some would call shitty genetics. I'm predisposed to being fat, my arms were miniscule compared to the rest of my body before I started training, and my back naturally overpowers every other one of my bodyparts.

I have worked very hard to over come these issues and I have had a good number of people make an off handed remark such as, "You must have great genetics", yet they know nothing of my training history, or that I was once a pudgy 15 year old sneaking oreos 8 at a time.

I really don't think you should be pointing a finger saying "that people that sling weight around" either have great genetics, use roids or both, when you have no idea of their training history, diet, etc.

Maybe you should get off your soap box for minute, and consider the fact that there are people that may know something you do not.


Speak the truth TDOG


Well...I'm talkin about the guys DB curling 70lbs by leaning way over then slinging the weight up to their shoulders while leaning all the way back or doing cable rows with a rediculous weight, bent over all the way then leaning all the way back and bringing the handle to their bellybutton, or doing bench by bouncing the weight off their chest, ass way up in the air, bar leaning to the side..

my favorite is the guy who loads about 600lbs on the bar in the squat rack and does "shrugs" by moving the bar about 1/2". I know a little bit of cheating is OK if done under control, but dang. I know you've all seen these guys. It frustrates me to see a guy do curls with embarassingly bad form who has great arms.



I didn't mean to start a fight. I'm not pointing a finger at anyone. My point is that I try to work out with good-great form and have been doing this for many years. I see guys in the gym all the time who do crazy, stupid things who somethimes end up with great physiques despite not knowing what they're doing. They are almost never "complete" as in geat chest but a flat back, big bi's, no tri's, and almost always have tiny legs. Arms are my weak spot, so when I see one of these guys with great arms it can be discouraging.


Jumping to conclusions, aren't we?


Take things out of context much? Wow.

You sure are jumping to a ton of conclusions based on what little was given.

Please, calm down - I merely offered it as a counterpoint to the discussion.


T-Dog is 100% right on every aspect. If they "are flinging weight around like a circus" and "don't know what they are doing" but still dwarf you I believe you have your perceptions skewed.

Say you were to look at a pro-bodybuilder, or an athlete, or a trainer, or one of our authors here, (CT, CW, Cressey to name a few) you would see them doing exercises and believe that they don't know what they are doing, or are doing the exercises wrong. You would be the one wrong in this instance.

You have no idea of this persons program, diet, lifestyle, supplements etc... You may not see them work legs becuase they have a rack at home. You may see them doing arms because his friend comes on tuesday to train with him.

Perhaps next time you should walk up to him, introduce yourself, make a friend, and maybe you could learn something from each other.


  1. You are making quite a stretch comparing your random gym mook to genetic freaks like Coleman and Cutler who also happen to take a ridiculous amount of drugs.

  2. Their form is not horrible. Their form while not picture perfect is actually quite good. I don't know where people get this shit that Coleman and Cutler train with bad form.

Thank you for highlighting the crucial distinction.
"there are times" which implies that you aren't doing this everytime you work out. You intelligently place cheats and partials into your routine.

I think the point that was being made was in reference to guys who use more weight than they can handle - usually that ends up in injury not mass.

good for you. Commendable dedication. But there are people out there who have really shitty form - who use really crappy (let's say by the standards of a knowledgeable lifter - for example - no direct leg work), unbalanced routines (all chest and bis, nothing else for example) who manage to put on a decent amount of mass.

I never said that.

I merely suggested it as possibilities because IN FACT WE HAVE NO CLUE AS TO THEIR TRAINING HISTORY. I like how you conveniently forgot to include the other possibility I mentioned. "They have been training longer than you."

Huh? Soap box? Wow, you're touchy dude.


This just remindeded me, I work out at 3 different gyms, but will only work my legs at one...

There goes the theory about the dope that never works his legs


What conclusion did I jump to when inferring that the OP has no idea of the training regimine of these guys? Does he see their every move? Is this a completely bizzare thought that he may not see their full routines?

Out of context? You seem to think that there is only one way to build muscle. This could be inferred by your response--'just think what they'd look like if they knew what they were doing'--Who interpolated what? You guessed. I went from your reply. WOW!

I simply gave a counterpoint to your old tired argument. If someone isn't doing it your way, they must be gentically gifted or on roids. Or, as you put it, just think how much bigger they'd be if they knew what they were doing'. Maybe it wasn't I who jumped to a bunch of conclusions.