Gym Idiocy - A New Low?

[quote]Digital Chainsaw wrote:
Miserere wrote:

Yeah, I think it’s crazy too, as I don’t see how my body and its health is in the same league as my taxes, but that’s how it is for some people.

You got it! And the thing is, unless you’re using buckets of drugs and competing at an elite level, diet and nutrition aren’t nearly as complicated as taxes! For most sedentary people it can be as simple as:

  1. Stop eating crap.
  2. Move.

Obviously, those of us on this board have loftier goals, but for the slovenly majority a brisk, 1-mile walk after dinner every night could be just what they need to give them the look and/or health benefit they want.[/quote]

Now, this walking you speak of…do I have to do the walking myself or can someone walk for me?

[quote]yorik wrote:

We’ve all seem curls in the squat rack right? How about push ups in the Smith machine? The trainer set the bar to the lowest level and had the trainee doing pushups off that bar. Normal pushups, no extra range of motion. OTOH, maybe this is one good use of Smith machine.

If you look in one of the “Exercises You’ve Never Tried” articles, you’ll see the Smith Machine used as a progressor for doing one-handed pushups. I thought it was a good idea.

[quote]yorik wrote:
SkyzykS wrote:
The shoulder press thing sounds like a shoulder stability drill. There are a few that I do that sound very similar.

The ball may have been because women have breasts, and benches will squish them. The ball was probably softer.

Perhaps, but my ART practitioner was astounded when I told her the story, and she also teaches weight training.


It wouldn’t be the first time one person recomended doing something another person never heard of.

The title of this post is a bit ironic…

Smith Machine pushups are a staple of my clients programs (at least those who can’t do normal floor pushups)

The Swiss ball exercise (though the weights do have me confused), like mentioned is most likely for shoulder stability and strengthening the rotator cuff.