Gym Ideas for Tires?

Just got 4 tires from my neighbor. No idea how to describe them, besides saying they look like normal car tires…I’m not well versed with these things.

Not big enough to flip, and I do have a little sled from Spud (sleds are the main things I’ve seen built with tires). Any ideas of things to build with them?

Thought of somehow putting some cement in them, having 2 tires on each end of a metal rod, and just leaving it in the yard to do random things with when it’s nice out.

You can bury them about half way down and hit with a sledge hammer.

Got really confused for a second but you mean buried standing up? That’s a decent idea!


Put them on an axle and do cool strongman things.

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Haha I just had thought at first that they’d be laying down. Didn’t sound quite right though. Thanks!

That’s what I had been thinking. Just need to figure out exactly how to do it.

I think just welding them onto a stiff pipe would work. You could then weld some collars on the opposite side if you wanted to add weight.

Disclaimer: I have never welded anything and could well be talking out of my arse. Seems like something one could do, though.

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Ditto. I’d need to put cement or something in them first though, since the diameter of the tire is much larger than an axle. If I did just use cement, I suppose the bar could just sit in that, no welding necessary… @SkyzykS - you sound like a dude who’s good with his hands (um…). Any ideas?

Sorry yeah I was thinking of the whole wheel.

I have a thread buried deep in the Strongman subforum that had some cool suggestions.

You could make a sled out of them using some cheap lumber/plumbing.

They’re pretty good for throwing too, can’t break em!

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Thanks dude. Thinking of a few things. An axle is really what sounds good to me, just need to figure out how. If not that, thinking a sled or burying them to hit with a hammer. Speaking of, what even is that? Hitting them with a hammer - conditioning? Do you just go out and hit it until you’re tired or something? No clue how people really “program” that. @bulldog9899 - I think I remember reading about you doing this a long time ago in your log, until you realized it bothered your shoulder or something. What was your plan when doing it?

At the time my shoulder was angry from pressing.
I would alternate grip and would swing in bouts for a given amount of time.

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@jshaving forgot to mention that’s what my son is using for part of his conditioning work

I never actually did it, but there’s a cool how-to make your own strongman tires that involves cheap 10 pound plates that you drill holes through and then use that as your way to load them on a bar. I bought a pair of Wagon Wheels instead but that does seem like a cool use of tires if you’re up for a little work.

Maybe a rebar frame in each tire, cross hatched with a sleeve welded to the rebar that you could slide a pipe (axle) through.

You wouldn’t even have to weld it. Tie wire would hold everything until the cement cured.

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Great for explosive throws. Swing between the legs and then throw it over head. It’s not quiet the keg toss but it’s a good standard.

Edit: and slams.
Mixing all this together and using the 10,000 kettle bell template I’d think something like this would work:
10 swings - press ups or pull ups or slams
15 swings - press ups / pull ups / slams
25 swings - press ups / pull ups / slams
50 swings - break
5 times over.
That’s a beautiful workout.

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Swings and slams good idea.