Gym Idea OUT!! Snap Fitness In Town!!

Hey guys, I was pretty stoked for awhile. I thought I would be able to put in a nice gym in my community. I had the investors and the trainers lined up. I located an old warehouse where I thought it would be perfect. I called the guy who would be renting it out and he said, “Sorry son, you’re just a little late.” I guess there is a Snap-Fitness going in. Some guy in town got into the franchise. Wondering if any guys have any info? I personally don’t see a franchise like that working in a small town. But damn it, my gym idea was going to kick ass!!
Any tidbits of info on these types of places?

There website looks like it only has machines and some cardio equipment.

Check out this link:

Did someone forget the picture at the bottom?

QUOTE from their web page…

[b]Snap Fitness

      Welcome to the homepage of Snap Fitness 24 / 7.  Snap Fitness was designed for people leading active lifestyles. Our unique system allows you access to our facilities any time, 365 days of the year. Snap Fitness health clubs are compact in stature, yet full of everything you need to get fit. With memberships starting as low as $22.50 per month, our facilities provide a convenient and affordable exercise alternative to neighborhoods across America.[/b]

I’d like to open my own gym, myself. I believe that one of the key points to any business, is the location, and being in the city, we are already inundated with gyms. All the big names, and community center type gyms as well.

My thought is if I could make mine cater to all levels, it just might work. Now, if I just had the cash, LOL.

I think that the masses prefer a ‘name brand’. The fuckers. <;-0)

|/ 3Toes

yeah, was just looking at their website, and it looks like its all machines with a dumbell rack and a couple flat benches. This isn’t a gym, but a step up from “Curves” I think. Darn it anyway, well hopefully it won’t be successful and then I can put in a real gym there.

Any other replies out there? Thanks

Open a nutrition and supplement store next door?

Take your own idea to a nearby community?

I can tell you this much. I train at THE best gym in Colorado. There is no question.

I don’t think the owner is rolling in cash. The gyms that most people on this site prefer to train at are not money makers. I hate to say that because I think it’d be cool to own a gym, but there is no money there unless you sell shit out the back or own a chain of “curves”.