Gym got shut

Hey everybody,
Well, I went to my gym after work today and lo and behold it went out of business, no warning, no fuss, just lot their lease and went out of business.
A new gym is coming in and opening on June 30th (NYSC).

Here’s my question, what can I do on my own using only my own body weight and what I can do in my house that will be a good workout until then?
I know some of you might say that I should just enjoy the time off and rest, but I just came off of a long rest a fw weeks ago.

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated…

Time for some gymnast stuff! Hang some rings off of a semi-tall bar and start doing iron-crosses. Work up to a full routine. Handstand pushups. Get a sandbag and start doing carries, odd lifts. Use that sandbag and do walking lunges and stadium stairs (or stairways in open buildings). Get creative. Use your environment.

Carrying/Throwing sandbags is a good option. If you dont even have a sandbag I would go to my local park. They have tons of monkey bars, swing bars and dome bars. You can hit your back from every angle on those. Supplement with variations of push ups. Width, plyo, incline and handstand pushups. As for your legs check out Ian King’s limping series. There are plenty of exercises he describes which only require your own BW to be very challenging.

check out other gyms in the area. they should be offering specials to members of your gym if they are savy businessmen.

Good point, Goldberg. And doesn’t Renegade Training have routines you can do at home? I know Combat Conditioning does. But the suggestions by BOP are good ones, too. Sometimes, rather than go to the gym, I stay at home, shadowbox, jump rope and perform variations of pushups.

You could also try to buy some basic equipment out of them, like a barbell,plates and some dumbells and use that. Maybe they’re selling it…