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Gym Going Regret??

[quote]Makavali wrote:
No, because I can always walk back into the garage and keep lifting.[/quote]

there are a few pieces of crappy equipment in my garage but the gym is only like 25$ a month and has a shit load of equipment…and the majority of people there actually deadlift =D

[quote]Tiribulus wrote:
Spencerulz wrote:
anyone have this? when I go to the gym I workout till I feel like I’m gonna puke, yet upon leaving I feel like I could have done more. Hell my arms hurt so bad i can barely eat my cheeseburger. Yet I feel like bashing head in for feeling regretful.

You’re gonna hurt yourself.[/quote]

Yeah I know, I tend to have this very spartan way of thinking, I consider pain a good thing, If I study I do it till my hand hurts from writing, if i play games play until my forearms start to go numb, pain is pleasure…except in bed…but that’s a different story.