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Gym Going Out of Business Stories

Any good going out of business stories? Saw in my paper the local Gold’s Gym (I go somewhere else) is filing for Chapter 11 due to past management problems, but plans to stay open.

Reminds me when many years ago, the owner of the gym I belonged to was giving out business cards to members, saying he was going into insurance sales in addition to his gym business and would appreciate the opportunity to quote on our insurance needs. One week later I go to work out and the prick had closed the place, to my knowledge nobody got any money back. I’m surprised the guy could walk with balls that size.

Interesting timing for this thread as I just passed the first gym I ever lifted at yesterday only to find it had been renovated as an office building. So sad.

When I was a little kid I would occasionally go to this gym with my Mom while she would do aerobics and I would occasionally go with my Dad when he would lift weights, not that I ever did anything. When I was 16 I spent my first year of lifting there with my older Brother before switching gyms. After switching gyms I would occasionally go back there to visit a friend who was a trainer there.

It was weird watching the gym downsize over the years. I think the membership price and lack of advertising was a part of its downfall. I guess the owner bringing in his large contagiously smelly dog and bathing naked in the hot tub may have had something to do with it.