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Gym / Garage / Basement Near Bay Springs MS


Hey all,

I'm from Austin but traveling to Bay Springs area to play a show with a country singer. Was hoping someone could inform me of a good place to get a workout or two in. Will be there Sat - Tuesday. Have searched google for ymca and the like but it seems like a small town so any help?



don't know where Bay Springs is at, but there's this:



Yeah where is bay springs


Thanks for the link guys I've got a space I workout in down in Austin (always looking for something better!) Bay Springs... its near Jackson I guess. I've never been there just getting paid to go play there. Was hoping there might be some guys from MS lurking around here who could point me in the right direction.

DJHT where ya at in TX?


Oh shit, didn't see the MS on the next line. sorry.


Doogie - yea it got cut no worries... prob shoulda put it in the post as well!


Houston Doogie just moved from Corpus and is my best friend that was why we were asking.