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If the locker rooms were coed it would cut down on a lot of the nasty behavior the geeks get away with…just a thought.

Wow from hearing your stories im glad I left the gym and set up my own gym in my home. I use to go to the gym at 6 am and none of this ever happened. I guess thats b/c everyone had to go to work in 90 minutes and didn’t have to time BS. But I heard stories of shit going on in the afternoon. Messed up man. They should have two bathrooms. One for normal guys who just want to go in and do there business and get out and other one for the freaks.

I think one of the worst kind of gym locker rooms to frequent is that of the college gym variety. Not only is there the omnipresent homosexual whose routine consists of showering, staring, walking around naked to dry off, staring, sitting in the sauna (naked), showering to “cool off”, staring, etc., but you also have to put up with professors who seem to wander around naked more the older they get. Now as far as homosexual action, one time while in Nashville for a few days, I used the YMCA there. May as well have been run by the village people themselves.

There is an inordinate amount of unecessary old-fat-man nakedness in my gym. They’ll go so far as to be HOLDING THE TOWEL IN THEIR HAND – WHILE ON THE SCALE WEIGHING THEMSELVES – yet they won’t do the rest of the world the courtesy of wrapping the damn thing around their scariest parts. Revolting.

i just wanted to say that i just returned home from a great chest/back workout. after my grueling session i went to take a leak and wash my hands. as i approached the sink a man with his sack flapping in the wind was brushing his teeth with his towel on the counter. however, i think my t mag t shirt scared his naked ass.

yeah I heard that p-dog like men in red speedos.

yeah, aparently the gyms have become the “bath houses” of the 80’s. they should have never closed them in san francisco, now they have spread to our gyms.

In my gym there’s this old Persian guy with gray hair and beard just walking into the weight training section of the gym. This rock song starts playing, he stops to listen, then starts to dance! But not just any dance! He’s flailing his arms like a madman, jumping around, and seemingly doing stretches in the process! After I could control myself from laughing, I went in there to do incline benchpress. As I’m doing my fifth rep, the guy suddenly starts dancing wildly then running around. He stops at a PILLAR, puts his arms in a circle around it, and crouches up and down with his torso rubbing against the pillar with a rapid motion. Half the weight trainers just stared at him and hopelessly tried to contain their laughter. And I burst out laughing in the middle of a pretty heavy set, almost ended up having the barbell crush my chest! I managed however to get one end back up on the holder and then push the other end back up. Lunatics in the gym are a health hazard! Whew.

Great quote from the beavster–my sides hurt.

I am amazed by the blatant homophobia in this thread. Cheers guys!

Harkonnen - hilarious… i don’t know why i’m finding this so easy to visualize… its very disturbing!!!

Frankly, I just ignore people who are galavanting around naked - I don’t care what the hell they are doing. As long as I am not being harassed or pissed on… just don’t get in my way. On the other hand, I will NEVER EVER EVER use a gym toilet.

horace, not having a desire to see 300lb 65 year old fat guys is not the definition of homophobia. it is just disgusting and others shouldnt have to be subjected to that kind of behavior. if your gonna shower then do it, if your gonna change then do it, but dont hang out for an hour or two parading around the locker room for others to see. also horace, i dont want to see 300lb 65 year old women either. it is just disgusting to have to see. im in good shape and i dont go showing my goods to everyone why do the old fat people?

My brother used to work at a Bally’s in the mall and he would tell me some stories of some of the weirdos that would come in there. The funniest one he told me was about a couple of arab guys that would go into the pool to shave(not just faces, but chest, backs, etc). If that isn’t weird, I don’t know what is.

hahahah! Tinky Winkies! haha… oh man gotta remmember that one

It must be something in the air… I was at the gym lastnight and this freak comes in to the freeweight area just wearing a speedo and nothing else. No shoes, no socks, no shirt, and loads up the leg press machine with a whopping 95 lbs, then proceeds to do sets of 5. Well everybody was laughing, yet this dude continued to press away…

I worked at a gym for a short time in college, and have yet to emotionally recover from some of the truly messed up shit I saw in the locker room. Where do I begin. I once started to go into the sauna and, I kid you not, there was a guy in there laying on his back butt f’in naked with his member pointing to high noon! I hightailed my ass out of there posthaste. Another time one of the omnipresent naked old dudes came out of the shower, sat down on a stool, spread his legs, lifted his sack, and proceeded to spray deodorant on his jewels. Still another time I saw two old naked guys come out of the hot tub and go into the sauna together. I was getting ready for a bb contest at the time and one of the disgusting gentlemen offered to take pictures of me when I saw him in the gym later that week. I didn’t say a word, but I quit the next day.

guys always shave and talk naked in the shower room in my gym…some guys i think show off the bods…and others well…let me say should be home underthe covers

Holy shit, this is the most hilarious post ever. All of this is so true. I joined a “Health/Athletic” Club and all of this is true. As far as the old guys, I sometimes think that if you live that long, you deserve that right to not give a shit anymore and to just do it. Howevr, I’ll never let myself get that fat. But yeah, I wish they would cover their asses up. This is all just too funny, thanks for makign my day!

"I remember one time some nasty dude had sprayed shit all over the toilet at the gym. They didn’t even try to flush. All I could think was “oh my God that’s not natural!” It scares me to think that someone walking around the gym had done that. "

I actually have had to clean up after this before. I remember hearing about this phenomenon but have forgotten the explanation, I think it has to do with the buildup of gas and it is so powerful that it “sprays” the stool out with a powerful force.

I had to step outside 2 times in the process of cleaning that shit mess up to gag. THANK GOD FOR BLEACH.

Personally I’m tired of the gyms, they are overcrowded, DIRTY meat markets, the equipment in most of them sucks, and it’s become more trouble than it’s actually worth.

I might just go the home gym route.

i was just thinking about this old thread and thought i would bump it up for those who never had the opportunity to share their sick gym stories.