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what the hell is it with gyms? why do they attract so many freaks? on saturday someone took a shit in the mens shower at my fine gym. not to mention the host of other freaks that frequent the place. we once had a guy who used to come to the gym 7 days per week between the hours of 6 and 9 pm. he walked into the locker room, got naked and stayed naked. he showered, shit, shaved etc… but never and i repeat never did he ever set foot into the gym. he hung out in the locker room every night naked, talking to people. eventually we discovered he was sneaking alcohol into the gym and getting drunk in the locker room each night of course while naked. fittingly we named him “NAKED MAN.” what is the deal? and why do the old fat bastards find it necessary to walk around with their towels around their shoulders rather than covering their fat ass? i dont get it. oh, and you gotta love the guys that shave in front of the sink with their sack rubbing against the counter top. is this common or do i belong to a very fucking unique gym? i cant take it any more!!!

There’s a saying in the gay community: “It doesn’t count in the gym.” Supposedly, gay couples don’t count gym sex as cheating, so the gym is a major place to get some ass. The naked man sounds like either a gay guy advertising the goods or some type of perv that enjoys being looked at, like the guys who cut holes in their pants and like to stand in elevators all day with their winky sticking out.

The fat guys may not have a choice, as their towels may not reach around their waists. There’s no excuse except homosexuality for almost all of the other behavior you mentioned. Gay men love the gym. Consider a place where you could walk around the girl’s locker room - that’s what a gym is to a gay man.

yeah man your gym is ‘unique’ although old guys with towels on their shoulders is pretty normal the other stuff is crazy

Taking a shit in the shower is a trip. I used to work at a club, and someone took a shit in the steam room. Can you imagine going into a steam room (where you can’t see anything) and sitting down on top of someone else’s dump? LOL. It makes my skin crawl! Commercial gyms are usually freak magnets, between the lunatics and idiots they attract, you see some real interesting behavior.

“…and you gotta love the guys that shave in front of the sink with their sack rubbing against the counter top.”

LOL!! The thought’s just making me sick right now.

When I was younger a couple of my friends and I used to go to the YMCA to play basketball quite a bit. We’d always run into the older men who walked around naked without any thoughts. We dubbed them “Y Guys”. Some would just come right up to you and start talking with their parts hanging out right in front of your face, what the hell was that? Pretty scary to a 15 yr old that’s for sure. Why couldn’t they just have a towel wrapped around them? oh well…

hehe… I don’t shower in my gym (I live 5 mins away from my gym neener neener neener) but before I moved closer to my gym (yea that’s right when I moved my primary concern was gym closness heh) I did shower there… guess what? half the time the shower water was ice cold, or there was no soap or there was a line of fat naked doods waiting for it. Nudity is pretty common at my gym, but what pisses me off is the people who take a shower then walk around dripping wet all over the gym, when when I take my shoes off I have to step into their leakage, or better yet I make mud with my shoes then step into mud/leakage. Also this one time and I kidd you not, this dood was rubbing rubbing (how ironic…) alcohol into his feet for some reason and spilling it all over the floor to boot.

"or there was no soap " you gotta be joking about using soap you didn’t bring with you? GROSS!!!

I knwo what you mean man. You’re not the only that has to deal with this crazy shit. How about the guys that take the towels and take it back in forth beteween their shitter. God damn man…

it was the liquid all purpose shampoo soap thing that comes out of a dispenser hehe

LOL!!! Your post cracked me the fuck up dude! Thanks for making my day ROFL!

LOL This reminds me of that one episode of Beavis and Butthead, where the guys are talking about not wanting to take a shower in the school gym. Quoth the Beavis, “Yeah, like, I don’t want to be in the shower with some dude’s schlong in my face sayin, ‘yeah man, good game.’”

nice responses, but let me finish my unique story. the NAKED MAN saga lasted for about a year. he would also go in the spa and sauna NAKED. he was complained about many times by other members as well as myself. he was counseled at least two times about his locker room antics. he would put the towel on for a few days and then bam back to naked man. he really enjoyed standing with one leg up on a bench while talking to other members. he also enjoyed laying down on the bench spread eagle to relax his BONEs. finally the NAKED MAN saga came to a rather unfortunate end. it seems that one day he was in the shower along with a young boy about 7 years old. while showering he turned and said to the kid, whos father was in the sauna “hey kid why dont you scrub my ass like your scrubbing yours!” the kid ran to his father, he confronted naked man who of course denied the allegation. the cops came out, he wasnt arrested but he was kicked out of our gym. today ill bet naked man is naked as i write this post in someone elses gym with one leg on the bench and a budweiser in his hand. and by the way the kids father did not beat the shit out of him, as us t-men would have.

damn… personally I wouldn’t take my son to the gym untill they are at least 16.

Hey listen buddy, I asked you several times if you wanted a drink. Don’t get pissed at me!

I remember one time some nasty dude had sprayed shit all over the toilet at the gym. They didn’t even try to flush. All I could think was “oh my God that’s not natural!”
It scares me to think that someone walking around the gym had done that.

God damn this is freaking me out but wait it gets worse…couple of years ago I used to work in a gym, and I caught crabs out of the men only steam room!!! hows that for disgusting didnt even get em off a babe!!!

Yeah WTF? Whats the deal with that? Shitting in a shower? GYMs are fukcing meat markets. It fucking sucks. I have to go to a GYM for now since I don’t have the room or money for enough equipment. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why so many thirty somethings, gay and straight, go there to hook up. I just want to slap these people. We are not in the 80’s any more. We (T-Nation) go to the GYM because we want to be “hooge” and we don’t have a good enough home GYM yet- and get the fuck out of our way!

My gym is a hotspot for sac-shavers as well. Well…they don’t actually shave their sac…you know what I mean.