Gym Flirting & Other Mating Rituals: The Stats


Just found an older article of mine that included this info. Didn’t have a good way to discuss it back then, so I thought I’d repost it here. This stuff is always fascinating.

How do these line up with your extracurricular gym activities?

A survey of 1000 people conducted by Elliptical Reviews gave us some interesting insights:

  • 43 percent of women report being hit on at the gym. Only 21 percent of men report being hit on. This seems normal. In a related survey of 2000 women, only 10 percent said they’ll make the first move.

  • People who flex in the mirror and drink protein shakes are 2.3 percent more likely to hit on someone during a workout. Those who take gym selfies are 1.9 percent more likely to flirt. (Hmm, statistically insignificant?)

  • If a woman wears a tank top, she’s 7 percent more likely to get asked for her digits than if she’s wearing a T-shirt. Wonder how a sports bra or crop top would rank? Surprisingly, men get hit on slightly more often if they’re wearing hoodies. (Tank tops came in second for men.)

  • The more time you spend in the gym, the better your odds (or worse depending on your perspective) of getting hit on. Just spending 7 more minutes in the gym and an extra 3 days a month boosts your odds. Makes sense.

  • People get approached more at gyms where the monthly fee is LOWER. Hmm, cheap gym, cheap dates? Or maybe more younger singles go to less expensive gyms, while married older people go to more expensive gyms.

  • 71 percent of men admit to staring at women in the gym while only 53 percent of women do. But creepily, more women secretly take photos of other people at the gym (8 percent of women do it verses 6 percent of men.) That’s weird, people.

  • 97 percent of gym flirters say that it has worked for them:

    66% report hook-ups
    61% said they’ve gotten a real date out of it
    24% have started a serious romantic relationship at the gym

How 'bout you?

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I’ll never forget the day I got hit on at the gym by a gay dude.

Was a telltale a sign my cut was going well :joy:

P.S Don’t go reporting this because I said “gay”. I was flattered, but uninterested.


I’ve had universally bad experiences with men in the gym.

2 failed gym buddies

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I’ve never hit on someone at the gym. Im that guy pacing in circles and staring at the floor between sets.
Don’t get me wrong, everyone notices a woman with nice features working out, but it never crosses my mind to approach them. That’s not why I’m there so I assume thats not why they’re there either.To me it’s the equivalent of that friend who hits on waitresses.

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I think getting hit on by a gay guy is only offensive to men who’ve “had some thoughts” but don’t want to admit it. :smiley:


With young people being more health conscious these days, my observation is that a lot of courting has switched from the bars to the gyms. The girls I see at my gym look like they put as much effort into their outfits and make-up as they would for a massive night out back in the day. I’m not saying there’s anything majorly wrong with that, I’m just pissed off that it often appears that droves of lads are more interested in hanging out there chatting and flirting rather than just getting the work done and then leaving.


I’d be curious to see if these numbers have changed in the last 4-5 years with the rise in everyone being narcissistic in the gym and taking selfie videos that predominantly feature either the glutes or the pecs (depending on gender).

I have never seen the gym as a place to hit on or be hit on by others.


Hello my fellow Old Soul…

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It’s all fine and well until Boy #5 + Boy #6 somehow still have sets left to do on their 3rd lat raise variation despite them showing each other stuff on their phone for the last 10 mins… All whilst Boys #1-4 have been awkwardly giggling and too shy to talk to the girl with camel toe she clearly must know about doing her donkey kicks whilst whispering to her friend.

Why is it always large groups of boys but usually the girls come in 2s? Were the odds that bad in the bars? I can’t remember because I was always seeing double.


I’ve only been to a gym three times so far (love training at home), but I can confirm this lol. Guys will come in groups, while girls come in twos usually. No clue why. Tbf, the guys seem to treat the gym as a place to hangout, so why not come with a lot of friends?

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I pay extra to go to the smallest gym in town. Why? Nobody goes there. I’m frequently the only person there and it suits me just fine. No people making BS instagrams on their phone. Also no eye candy but I’m happily married and don’t need the distraction anyway.


It’s “men” who go to the gym because society says they should. Not because they actually want to/care to learn how to wokout.

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There’s also a big push among us Gen Zers to use the gym as a way to overcome social anxiety. So a lot of times you’ll have guys come in large groups since they’re anxious to go alone at first, which is fine. But yeah, they’re usually pushed into it out of “self improvement,” and usually stop within a year or two because it was never fun for them.

Edit: I do have to ask why you used the quotes for “men.”

It’s usually a lot of 16-23 year olds or so I see exhibiting this behavior so men technically but really boys in maturity levels.


i don’t know what it is, but when i was young and single, i got little attention from women. now married (and a bit older) and get flirty looks from a lot of gym girls. not seeking this out, and I do wear a ring. they do seem to go from young too old.
and i’m not even shredded or anything …i think that past a certain point your gains don’t really matter to women anymore

I’m at a point where I am more flattered by men hitting on me than women these days. Men are such highly visual creatures, so if you stand out to a gay man, you’re reaching a pretty high bar in terms of how you present yourself!


I was usually just approached by the old dudes. Retired sweat pant dudes that just do the ab machine useless crap, lol


I bet this is related to when a person goes to the gym.

Mornings: Generally people who are there to train and have to do it before work. Gotta get in and get out. Also probably weren’t up late the night before partying and hitting clubs. Might be a more married-up crowd too. Definitely an older crowd in my experience.

Evenings: Maybe a more relaxed crowd generally. Work is over, plenty of time to train and prowl. Could be more of a single, childless crowd, too. The guys who’ve wifed up want to get home after work to said wives, help with kids, and all that jazz.

I used to train around the oddball time of 9-10AM. I called it “training with the housewives” because they can’t go earlier or later given their mommy duties. So it was get the kids off the school and hit the gym. Then, Target. :smile:


i think you figured it out. before 8am is work crowd, very motivated. at 9 moms with kids come in. 12-3 lazy college crowd + grannies(they love handsome guys). later on…no idea. most busy time and my work is flex don’t have to be there. what i noticed that most of the ‘pretty’ girls come in on fridays +saturdays AM. no idea why.

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I met my wife at the gym.

I had a huge goatee at the time. She initially thought I was like 40+. (I am younger than her by 2 years).

I dated a handful of fairly hardcore female lifters before meeting my wife. Our personalities didn’t mesh up mostly outside of a love for lifting weights. I am a very strong and dominant personality. Takes a lot / a special person to put up with me long term

I have been hit on by FAR younger girls recently (I think looking for a sugar daddy since they mentioned the cars I drive). In my younger GTL days - it was mostly older women shooting their shot at me.