Gym Finder

Does anyone know where I could find a listing of good gyms on the internet? I am looking for a place to intern for the summer and unless I move somewhere for a couple of months I would like to find a place that is within forty minutes or so driving. So far the only sites that I could find were for “fitness centers” and I would choose to go to one as a last resort.

If anyone has any ideas about gyms that they don’t know would be listed anywhere I live west of Jackson, Michigan.

Also if anyone has a gym that and are willing to take an intern for the summer give me a PM and let me know where you are located. I am interested in any place in North America, more or less.

Powerlifting Watch

Just a regular gym? Are you trying to become a personal trainer? Just order a certification online or through the mail, that’s what about 50% of them do, then get hired on somewhere. I work for free when you can get paid. If you’re trying to be a strength coach, I’d volunteer with a University or D-1 H.S.

I am more trying to own my own gym or at least learn about training higher level athletes. I am going to be getting a degree in exercise science in a year and want to get some experience working with people who actually know what they are doing, not “Randy the 18 year old personal trainer”.