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Gym Fights

Has anyone at your gym ever come to blows? There was a near miss tonight (very exciting stuff for my first night back). A small dude took umbrage to a big dude blocking the mirror, words were exchanged, yada, yada, yada, and then it ended with the bigger dude’s training partner pulling him away. More words were exchanged and there was a fairly decent stare-down. Ah, fun stuff. That’s the first such incident I’ve ever witnessed. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. How 'bout in your gyms?

I think that is a pretty stupid reason to get all huffy puffy.

blocking the mirror ? HAHAHAHA ! Wow, I hope that guy got his ass kicked outside the gym.

every day i go to the gym i hope someone does something to piss me off enough to start some shit with, but i have had no such luck to this point. maybe i should stop training at “curves!”

Ok here is one,
one day I was on the tread mill beside another girl who was jacked, lean and kinda mean looking in a bitchy way.

All of a sudden I saw a second tiny girl walk up and she started screaming at the first jacked girl.

Something to the effect of her boyfriend yada yada…

Well then to end it the second girl yells at the top of her lungs “oh nice tits how much they cost you?”

Up untill that time the first big girl had kept running, at this point she stopped and turned around, and lifted up her shirt to expose her chest.

“take a picture you dumbass if you like them so much!”
was her reply, and well as the men were already wathching these two go at it this was the best part for them.

Then the second girl went out side and keyed her turck in front of all the people on the cardio equipment…kicked the door in, and ripped the sidding off the truck door.
For a tiny thing she had quite a bit of anger!

Yeah…I have had some doozie encounters in the gym. It seems that its worse at gyms like Bally’s or LAFitness…which is a big chain here in Atlanta…and also Arizona and California.

Typically…these are the same dorks who insist on doing curls in the squat rack or dumbbell laterals 6 inches from the dumbbell rack and then look at you like YOU are in the way if you want to get to a pair of dumbbells!
From what I have seen…most of these guys are the type that just read Men’s Health this past weekend…and decide to shape up by joining the gym. They usully think the TV show “Friends” is the best show in the world and even sport the “friends” haircut to boot…you know the one with the hair combed forward and the little “bill” in the front that flips up with the help of some mousse or styling gel?

To them the idea of multiple sets or gasp…supersets does not dawn on their consciousness…
Light speed eccentrics and cheating the weight up are also areas in which they are experts. I notice all of these things and usually steer clear if possible these days…

something like that happened with me, my buddy walked in between this guy and the mirror and he had a shit fit. So I stepped and told him I didn’t appreciate it and when it appeared to be over we started to train agian well he got pissed off and thought we were trying to intimidate him(even though he was bigger than both of us put together, and I am not that small) so finally he came to his senses and at the end apologized.

ha ha ha, curves, good one

The only thing to be said to someone big enough to block you out of a mirror is “SIR”.

Long time ago I actually got into a shoving match over the radio at a Military gym. I was the only one in the gym and I was listing to classic rock guy comes in and changes the station with out asking to some Rap crap. I switch it back, back and forth we go, finally I just un-plug the damm thing and give him a hard stare as I do it and he gets in my face. Some chest bumping and shoving starts and gets broken up by the gym staff. It was really all pretty stupid stuff, they ended up taking the radio out of the gym and we had to work out in silence.

Ptr, along with “Friends” being their favorite TV show. They prefer watching “Blind Date” over “Fifth Wheel.”

Also, when confronted about their post-workout nutrition (or lack thereof) their reply is, “sometimes I’ll stop off at Subway on the way home, if thats what you mean?”

Many years ago, there was a guy in my gym that was well-known. Let’s call him “John.” He did some local bodybuilding shows and personal training. For a little guy, he was pretty damn big. And everyone knew he was on the juice (and reportedly sold it to others).

Well one day, I’m working out, and “John” is just going off! His face is red, he’s pissed beyond belief and he’s yelling at some other dude about something related to the weights or a machine he was using or something. The other guy was taller and probably heavier, but not as muscular. And he was totally relaxed and chilled about the whole encounter. But “John” was ready to come to blows. Eventually, he chilled out. But that was the closest I had seen something come near to blows.

Ironic thing is, this guy “John” was in a lot of trouble with the law for using GHB and Roofies to get girls fucked up so he could rape them. This happened on several occassions. One day while in jail, he committed suicide. Pretty crazy.

I got into it about 10 years with a much younger punk that I caught going thru my locker at the gym. Not as exciting as hogging mirror space I guess.

My sister used to go out with this asshole that I never liked. Well he worked out in gym I used to go too. One day I heard he was in working out with his brothers. (they where all arrogant bastards). So the topic of football came up, and all brothers where discussing if a particular player in the NFL was worth the money. I guy overheard there conversation and said he thought that player was good. So these arrogant pricks turned to him and said , hay am I talking to you? Well anyway this guy was known to be a badass
and jumped right in his face and told him he would take him and all of his brothers outside and kick there asses right now. That shut them up and they never returned to the gym again. (I Love It).

My friends and I were playin b-ball at a 24 hour fitness. I used to play there every day. On weekends there weren’t as many people, so I we were playin 3 on 3. I had to cover the biggest guy, otherwise we’d get killed on the boards, and my two friends are pretty small. Well the guy had about 50 pounds on me, and a couple inches, but he had no idea what boxing out was, so he didn’t get a board the whole time. He started getting pissed, when we were winning something like 11-2. So he throws the b-ball at one of my friends. I got in his face, there was some chest bumping, shoving an all that crap. I was ready to tear his head off, but then I realized one fight and you’re out of that gym. At the time I really enjoyed going there to play b-ball every day, he came what, for one time. So he had nothing to lose, I had everything to lose if we fought. So I just gave him a stare… then we continued and I abused him on the boards and underneath some more.

No. The gym is calm when I enter. It stays calm while I work out. It is still calm when I leave. If it gets frisky after that, I cannot say.
I loved the story about the brothers being stared down. Don’t you just love to see the Good Guys win?!?

That’s hilarious! You’ve gotta love stupid chicks. They generate some of the best gym comedy.

There’s a trio of chickies at my gym that are all of 22, have tight young bodies (yes, I am envious) and are augmented to Dolly Parton proportions. They come in with full hair and makeup, hair scrunchies matching their Jane Fonda-esque leotards (seriously, who in their right mind wears leotards anymore?) and get this - no bras. Just tiny, tight tanktops with no support at all. :wink: And oooh yeeaah, they get their full share of attention as they do their pink dumbell one arm rows.

So the girlies stroll through their circuit, throwing smiles and winks in every male’s direction and evil scowls in every female’s direction. One unfortunate middle-aged mommy doing her best to work off 20 years of sedentariness happens to get in their way of the mirror. All three harpies descend upon her, yaps flapping harshly, fingers being snapped in the air, scrunchied ponytails flying and titties bouncing angrily. Intimidated by so much ruckus and saline flying about, mommy retreats hastily to the other side of the gym looking thoroughly embarassed. The chickies smile sweetly at eachother, do a three-way high five and go back to their pink dumbells.

While I wouldn’t mind being all young and tight again, I sure as hell wouldn’t want it at the price of being like them.

Karma can I workout at your gym. Snicker. :slight_smile:

Karma, I need to work out at your gym!! Funniest thing I’ve seen in the gym in a while happened up at school. Some of my girls were up there doing their workout, and a few of the football players came strolling in. Being teenage boys, they decided to huff and puff and act manly for the girls. They started giving them workout tips, when one of the girls banged out 8 chins, turned to the guys, and challenged them to do the same. When they couldn’t, she glared at them and gave them a royal butt-chewing. Nasty temper on those red-heads. I pointed out to her later that seeing as how they were O-linemen, chins weren’t something they did. Talk about nasty tempers, I thought she was going to come after me.

There have been two incidents that I know of but i wasnt there for second but it made the news and i several friends there at the time.

  1. This guy I know is tall and lean but muscular had a shorter but much more thickset guy look at him funny which wasnt to his liking, so he stared back. Anyway after a whole bunch of staring one of them said. “you wanna go?”.
    They were nice enough to leave the gym to fight.
    Anyway about a minute later the taller guy walks back in and finishes out his workout. I didnt see but aparently the shorter guy was knocked out.

  2. A guy in my gym was stabbed while doing decline bench presses. Apparently this chick just walked up to him in the middle of a set and stabbed him. The cuts were deep too. His intestines were reported to be hanging out and the cut penetrating to the bone in his thigh (even more impressive considering his legs were quite muscular).