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Gym fee

How much do you all pay for your gym membership? If you don’t belong to one don’t bother replying. Also included where you live as prices may vary. Thanks

50 bucks for a monthly membership in NJ

I pay ~60 per month for both me and my wife at the YMCA. I like the facilities and their community involvement. I can also visit other YMCAs around the country, usually at no cost.

I know there are less expensive clubs I could join, but I’m happy where I’m at.

I pay like ~50 bucks a month in calgary.

55 month. SW of Pittsburgh, PA

One of the more expensive facilities in my area, but they have an indoor track, pool, hot tub, co-ed and female only sauna, huge plush locker rooms, and no line at the power rack. ;o)

They also offer family time on fri and sat nights so the kids can use the huge basketball court, the track and the pool. Being able to include them in my healthy fun time is worth it to me!!

They also have a spa, massage therapy, Physical Therapy, Chiro., Cardiac and Stroke rehab. Owned and operated by one of our local hospitals. Built with a grant from Mr. Cameron (Cameron Coca~Cola bottler)

I love it there.


Don’t YMCA’s get tax breaks for being affiliated with a religion?


$4.00 per month at 24 hour Fitness and $0.00 per month for my garage.

$45 at YMCA. The facility is awesome, clean, and well stocked with weights, racks, and machines.

I don’t know about the tax breaks but who cares, they seem to have good community involvement and do a lot of stuff for small kids.

$20 a month in north Alabama

Pre paid three years $1080. $50 per year after that. (12 months to go)

$29.00 World Gym - St. Louis, MO

$42/month inc. tax at a “fitness centre” But it’s big and airy and like Iron Maiden’s I’ve only seen maybe a half dozen people ever use the squat rack. (All kinds of idiots on the Smith machine though)


wince $120 a month in Manhattan. yeah it’s swanky as all hell…but the girls do powerlifts and the spa is killer so. flame away guys. :wink:

i hear the only cheap place in Manhattan is/was Dolfin Fitness and even that is sorta up there. but what isn’t expensive in NYC? :stuck_out_tongue: ugh.

$25/month at Rochester Athletic Club, a chain in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. Decent place.

Free, I boinked a girl that lives in the same complex as me when I first moved in. She works at a Gold’s right down the road.

Though I don’t even talk to her anymore, I’m still reaping the rewards of my labor…not that I wouldn’t have done it anyway.

It is kind of foggy now, but I think I paid about $1200 for 3 a year “all clubs” membership for 24 hour. At the end of that I think it goes to $16 / month.

When I lived in Vancouver, BC I think I was paying under $30 for each of the clubs I belonged to over the years, though I guess there was some sort of initiation fee in each case.

I’m a freelance trainer so I train for free in several clubs around Toronto. The club where most of my clients are is $1500/yr. I won’t train there myself because it is too fancy-shmancy for my taste so I mostly train at the Toronto Track+Field Centre, old-school and hardcore just how I like it!

I have always for the most part trained at clubs for free since I am a trainer as a profession.

Powerhouse in the Detroit area is $99.00 for first year. One time thing just to get you in the door but around $400.00 per year after that.