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Gym Experimentation


What are you experimenting with in your training these days?


I have a few things I'm trying as my 'routine' has been a little off the cuff because of work travel.

  1. Biceps in some form at least 4x per week. Now, that's not all-out-heavy weight. I have one day of 'heavy work' and that's relatively high volume, but I've added very high rep sets (1 or 2) on other days, usually at the end of training. Might be 1 set of 50 or 25, or maybe 2 sets of 20 or so. Other days might just be a couple sets ending around 15 or so of a different movement. Mostly these are "pump them up" or "feel the muscle" types of things. I believe doing this has helped my 'mind-muscle connection' for my lagging biceps tremendously.

  2. Shrugs twice per week, one with trap bar (heavier sets), one with BB in the rack, higher reps, then follow each set with DB shrugs with 100s-120s high repping until fail/exhaustion. Again, I really have been able to feel out my traps better

  3. Back -- Cable / Lat pulldowns. Exploding down from stretch to peak contraction then slow tempo back keeping tension. I've been able to feel out my lats a little more with this. I usually do this on my 2nd of 2 back days.

  4. DB curls one arm at a time. I've stopped doing alternate db curls (ie. alt each arm per rep) and doing all reps with one arm at a time. I feel that I can keep tension on my biceps longer and work them more completely with better form if I am anchored with one arm and curling with the other without rest. This, in addition to number one above has helped me connect more with my biceps.

What are you experimenting with?


I'm training high volume 6-7 days week.


I'm currently training every bodypart every other day, so technically this includes hitting legs everyday.

I'm also doing bike sprints everyday.


Have fun over-training and dying, bro.

But srs, Jake has me hitting pressing muscles 3x a week, pulling 2x, and legs only once based on my strength and weaknesses. Also adding in a few sets of sprints after some workouts to allow myself more carbs and such. Liking it so far.


I'm actually experimenting with doing the opposite to Jake and Spidey. I trained how they are training for years and really liked it, but since the start of this year I thought I'd give a bodypart split another go. I'd tried them in the past but wasn't too keen. I've even got an arms dat! Something I'd always balked at in the past.

So far, I am loving the results! There's just something really satisfying about going into the gym and absoutely beasting one bodypart then giving it a week to recover.


Currently experimenting with pullups/chinups in every session (4 times a week). Seen some back, lat and bicep increases in size and strength, and my max number of chins has risen. Also shoulders feel a lot less clicky and crunchy


Started wearing shorts to the gym, which indirectly has led to 1/4 of an inch calf grow in a month of dieting.


Lots of iso-holds at the rep peak, yielding some good results so far.


I decided that I was going to jog to the gym... 5 miles... Should help with the weight loss... I ran out the door, into the driveway, and I got in my car and drove the rest of the way... I guess that is a start!


We talking John Stocktons or MJ shorts? You really need to specify!!


Active "Rest" Periods (30 sec)

Pull ups during upper body press work
Neck during lower body training
Push ups during pulling
Sit ups during leg isolation


1-2 inch above the knee. I did this when I first started lifting with my sleeves. was so embarressed about my small arms that I cut the sleeves off of all my gym shirts so I would have to nut up.

Ever since I switched to shorts I havent missed a calf workout, train them first and hard about 2-3 times a week now.


One thing I'm doing is active rest between sets. I train DC giant set style, so I have to wait ~4-5 minutes between sets. On Chest/Tri days I usually do some bicep pump work between sets, and calf press/raises on other days. I have also been hitting my weaker bodyparts more frequently.

I have also been biking to work for my HIIT cardio. It's 30 minutes each way; the harder way being on the way to work. It has saved me a ton of gym time and has helped me lean out quite a bit. Unfortunately, it is very dependent on the weather.


Im going to do Z presses and landmine presses as my only OH press movement to see if it will bring up my strict standing OH press, Im going to do this for 4 weeks and test my OH Press max.

After my meet I will be starting DUP Programming.

Oh and pop tarts as peri workout fuel



Mind laying out your training split and volume same with cardio?


Lol, this is actually exactly how I walk into the gym...when Im in da zone




I have been playing around with very high volume fast paced long workouts. I count all sets because my warm ups are done pretty high rep so they could be considered tough or w/e like a work set. Anyways. Been doing 7 days a week legs push pull repeat then arms day 7 along with upper body pump,work for giggles after. "Heavy" days around 30-50 sets pump days 50-80 or 90 sets. Workouts are 1.5 to 2 hrs. Though I did 34 sets for legs and was done in 40 min yesterday. Also do 30-1hr of cardio fasted every morning.


You sir are in the minority on this one...cherry frosted FTW