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Gym Etiquette

Maybe it is just me, does anyone else have a problem with another person using 3/4 of the 45lb plates available in a gym to do partial sets of leg presses to impress a girl? I was watching this fella last night… I was doing legs. He loaded the machine up, grinning like a cheshire cat at his g/f cause of how impressed she would be with the weight he was gonna use. He then proceeded to do partial reps with more than 500lbs complete with knee lock out. I was going to do some hack squats to end my session, I was concerned that there would not be enuff plates for me… This guy was not using good form at all, as for his rest periods, they did not have seem to have any rhyme or reason. I was able to find plates for myself when I needed them. Is it just me being selfish and ego-driven, or was this guy being inconsiderate to others in the gym?
I didn’t say a word to them( I REALLY wanted to though) while I was witness to the ‘spectacle’ of him struggling with the weight, but his g/f did watch me a bit when I was doing calves, then my hacks while he was puffin’…

Sure know what you mean. I’m experiencing the same situation in my gym 'cause it’s full of 18 years old who weigh about 150 and try to impress everybody in the gym bench pressing 225 for 1/4, sometimes 1/8 of a rep with rest periods of…let’s say 8-10 minutes and flexing in front of the mirror with their 11" arms. I’m just so sick of this.

LOL, that is definitely a classic. I used to work in a gym and the ?leg press boys? would comb the whole gym, dragging all the 45 plates to the leg press to load it up. And of course, when they unloaded the leg press (IF they unloaded the leg press), they would leave all the 45 plates there!!! They never had the common sense to put things back where they found them!!! DAMN it was frustrating!

I think I would have more a problem with your gym not having enough plates.

If he was doing around 500 lbs, we’ll say he was using 12 plates to give him a total of 540 lbs, not including the press carriage.

Now you were going to hack squat, I don’t know if you mean true hack squatting or a machine. I will assume machine since you could use more weight.

I don’t know you or your lifting weight, but I’ll say your strong and we’re going to use 16 plates at 720 lbs.

Now, I’m going with the higher numbers here just to make sure alll the 45’s are used up.

We will also assume that there are two people bench pressing. Let’s say one has one pair of 45’s and the other has two. That brings the total up to 34 plates.

Maybe someone is also squatting and he has 6 total plates. That’s 40 total 45 lb plates.

I’m sorry, but you should complain to your gym’s management. Forty 45’s isn’t that much for a public gym. I work out in a commercial gym and the free weight area is very small, but even they have around forty plates.

With that being said, I do work out in a commercial gym, so I know how annoying the “show off to my girlfriend” and other types can be. In a commercial gym you have to be prepared to adjust your workout accordingly.

Happy lifting,

I’ve seen it all.

That’s why I built my own home gym. No idiots train there!

You should have just given the girlfriend a dirty wink and felt good about it when you see the hot flush on her face.

Im kind of torn on this issue, hear me out…

First, I will state that if he was doing this merely to the bemusement of his gf, then this guy is a complete moron and should be clubbed with one of the 45’s he was hogging, that being said…

On leg presses I’ll sometimes do partial reps on my last set, I use leg presses as a leg burnout excercise (I like the idea of not being able to walk for a day or two after a leg day) so when i hit around 750 pounds (that being my last set) I can only do about 4 solid reps, and then 3 half reps before my legs feel like jello. (Remember, this is after Squats and then supersets of RDL’s and lunges, various other hamstring and calf work as well)Now this guy doesnt sound like he was doing the half reps to try and push himself, but it is important to realize that sometimes half reps are neccessary on exercises where you cant really have a spoter to assist you.

Next time, you should say something. Beleive it or not, this would actually make him look good, just be like “Hey your packing alot of weight there, mind if I steal a plate or two?” This way, he has an excuse to go a lighter weight, his gf will think that he is hoss cuz he’s taking up all the weights in the gym, and you can go back to YOUR real workout and destroy yourself in the hole, sans cooing girlfriend.

I see this at my gym WAY too often. It’s always a group of mooks standing around, flexing, grabbing their crotches, and then doing these ridiculous reps, the whole time hogging the weights for the rest of us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to unload a squat rack or a leg press that has been overloaded with multiple 45 lb plates. Funny, these guys are so tough and can press all this weight, but just can’t muster up the energy or will to put them back! The times I have called them on it, they just look at me like I’m the retard…go figure! My solution…I’m at the gym at 3:45 AM…luckily the mooks don’t seem to function that early and start to trail in as I’m walking out the door!!!

Commercial gyms tend to be comedy hour when your working out. At least for me they are. I never say anything or stare to hard, but sometimes it makes my workout alittle better, knowing, that the guy next to me with the 100lb dumbell that is hanging on for dear life to the preacher bench, just to lift it, won’t look anything like me in a few months!

Well, at our gym the sled itself with no plates weighs 616 lbs! There?s another sled there that weighs 175, but the big one has a superior smooth feel.

About the reps, I don?t actually mind if the lifter does a lockout with the legs, the joints and tendons need strenghtening as well. I know that the reason not to lock out is to maintain the tension on the muscles but if you are doing a set of, say, 20 reps on the sled you might wanna approach it in a “20 singles” fashion, since towards the end of the set you WILL BE BREATHING a lot and at that point it?s wise to lock out the legs.

Doesn?t your gym have 55 lbs or 110 lbs plates? We have them both and they help a lot.

Happy lifting everybody!!!

What a jackass.
Just as bad as those fucknuts who scream and holler on every rep.
True Story: Saw this one guy doing wrist curls with a dumbbell. He’s all hunched over, cranking away with his forearm resting on his thigh, howling after each rep. From behind it looked like he was masturbating. A girl walked into the area, immediately blushed and turned around to leave. Apparently, she thought the same thing.


the worst I’ve seen is a guy only had 4-5 plates on each side and literally was only doing 3-4" range of motion… it was quite sad and I wish I did leg presses at that moment so I could of asked him to leave the weight on there so I could of pounded out some full range of motion sets.

I don’t think these people are purposly having bad etiquette, they are just ego drivin fools.

However I think the exercise magazines must be getting better or something as I see more people doing squats at least down to parralel now then I see doing leg presses.

My gym has a guy that used to bring his girlfriend in to watch him do deadlifts. He would load the bar up, step out of the power rack, and drop to the earth at the speed of light. He would bash the weight off the floor and bounce back up to the standing position. It sounded like cannon fire. College boys can really ruin a gym.

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:
… No idiots train there!

That’s not what I heard.

Bastard F*ck Guy

Gotta agree with malonetd on this one: at my gym, if someone absolutely loaded the leg press machine with 45s, he would have used up about 15% (or less) of the 45s in the room.

But the guy does sound like an idiot, and my gym sees plenty of spasming, short-range-repping, trying-to-impress-someone fools.

[quote]BFG wrote:
Nate Dogg wrote:
… No idiots train there!

That’s not what I heard.

Bastard F*ck Guy[/quote]

I’m the only idiot, and I am more intelligent than 99.9% of the people you see in the gym, thanks to all these years of learning with T-mag. LOL! :slight_smile: