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Gym Etiquette


About three months ago, five or six guys and their "coach" started working out at my gym. They're all very strong, and hard workers. The problem is, when they squat, they take over all the squat racks, when they bench, they take over all the flat benches, etc. Unfortunately, their schedule and mine is about the same. I always try to work around their schedule, but this morning I had to bench, and so did they.

They (five guys) were using all three benches. I ask if they can spare one bench, and if not, how long before they're done. The "coach" replies that they're already doubled up on the benches, and although one guy has only two more sets, it'll be at least half-an-hour. We get into it. Long story short, he relents, but not after strong words from both of us. I train fast, hard and heavy, and am always considerate. Roles reversed, I would've let one of them work in. Who's wrong here?


They are clearly in the wrong, why cant they spare atleast one rack/bench for the other gym goers.

If me and two friends where going to train benchpress, we wouldnt use more than one bench and we would go in beetwen eachothers sets.


Half hour to do 2 sets? Wtf?


IF they are using a weight which you would not be using, i can understand their reasoning. It's unfortunate that they are unwilling to spare a bench/rack, but i do the same. If I'm on the squat rack, i typically don't like sharing because changing out plates, and waiting for someone to finish a set is BY FAR the most annoying thing i have come across in the gym. I go to a gym over run by college frat boys, and it is busy all the time, so when i get hold of a station, i try and control it so i can go at my own pace and weight. I understand your frustration, but look at it from their point of view, they want a good workout, can't fault them for that.

** realize i come off a bit selfish here :slightly_smiling: haha


Do squat when they do bench?




This is why I've been able to avoid a confrontation thus far - I try my damnedest to avoid the same exercises on the same days they're doing them. I can't always predict their schedule, and today my low back was too sore to squat/dead. I started standing presses before they let go of one of the benches.

805: I totally get your point, and this is why I'm asking who's wrong. We all lift in the 200-600lb range, and today they could've either removed a 25lb plate/side to accommodate me, or one of them could've finished his two sets in less than 1/2 an hour. But, maybe that's asking too much.


OR they couldve removed 2 people from 1 bench and split them amongst the other 2 benches to create a 3man rotation per bench. I mean, i assume that if they have 2 sets left that last approx 30min, theyre doing some other shit on the side.




bro what kind of a sissy are you ?? Half a freakin hour to use a bench ? what are they having sex on it? grow some balls and tell them to gtfo


If there are a certain # of a particular piece of equipment in the gym (in this case, 3 which is pretty decent), and they insist on using all of them at once, that's just a dick move in my book. Hogging ONE piece of equipment is understandable, I've done it at times, and sometimes it can't be helped, but all 3,.. other people are paying to use the facility as well, and they're not special.




If it happens again OP just talk to the gym staff. Talk to a manager there about it if they aren't willing to share one of the 3 benches/racks.


Wow...why not just say, "dude, I need to use this bench. Could you all pair up on one"? I seriously doubt I would need to do more than that.

People will walk all over you....if you let them.

If you must, do like Greg and tell management....just know you will get no respect for that in the long run.


30 mins for 2 sets is them just being vindictive. If they've been around three months you know when they arrive.
Get there before they do.


I don't know I think it would be annoying as shit but you're treating the 5 or 6 guys as one entity. Look at them as completely different people and I wouldn't say they're doing anything wrong. Instead of asking them to share a bench you should've just asked to rotate in, then if they said no I'd say they're dicks.

My gym only has two benches. If I show up and two guys are on one bench and two are on the other I wouldn't tell one pair to go work in with the other just so I can have a bench to myself. I'd work in with one of the pairs.


Are there benches you can move? If there are, just pick one up and set up in the power cage. I like pin pressing more anyway. Lol


I agree with that. Just because they know each other doesn't mean they are literally training as a group.


Find out their schedule.

The next time they are scheduled to bench press show up with 5 of your friends about 15-20 minutes before you know they will arrive. Pull the same stunt they did. But be less dickish about it by not coming up with some bullshit about 30 minutes for 2 sets.

Be prepared to rumble/battle to the death


Oh, asking them to completely give up one of the benches is wrong. Sharing is expected in a crowded gym but who are you to boot someone off a station? Asking to work in is completely reasonable though, if you lift similar weights.


Defecate on two benchesbefore they arrive and use the other one for yourself.