Gym Etiquette: Ok to Correct People?

is there a general rule on correcting people in the gym? for the few years ive been lifting i generally ignore people.

but i see people using god awful form or talking about pwo drinks with no understanding of insulin spikes, gi indexes ect. I saw some guys doing the worst power cleans hurt to watch.

and part of me feels the need to inform them. because i would hope, that if im doing something equally stupid, someone would tell me.

is it rude/offensive to do so?

I tend to say something when I’ve done training, unless I know the person. Ocaisionally if the guy is a complete noob and setting up to really hurt himself I’ll ofer advice e.g. saying “Do you mind if I just say…” and be gentle with them, dont overload them and try not to preach.

Best to me just to keep quiet…no matter how big and/or good you look odds are he/she is going right back to the same crappy form next time they do that exercise.

I treat people as how I would like them to treat me.
I would love if I am acting a fool for someone to walk up and say,“hey let me show ya something”

so I would too if I see they are in real danger of hurtting themselves
but for now I keep to myself,I am there for the bussiness at hand.

I tend to help the young guys out more than any one else. The only other exception is when I see somebody about to really injure themselves.

I saw someone once doing good mornings with the bar actually on his neck. I just couldn’t stand by and let that happen. He was appreciative and said “no wonder my neck has been messed up”

Sometimes it might work, others not. I agree with what prog said most of the time they go right back to there bad form, maybe bc they think it’s right or bc they can lift more weight that way.

I was told once to never do snatches by a female trainer because they will totally destroy my shoulder and it was painful to watch me do them, I ignored her because I feel it’s a good exercise to do.

yeah, people love to be told they’re doing something wrong, lol.

that being said, only if it puts them in immediate danger would I say something.

Millions of threads on this. General consensus is people usually think you’re a know it all dick if you correct them, unless they are obviously clueless and/or young.

I had a Navy Nurse(O-4 Lt Cmdr) tell me not to do hang cleans, as it would wreck my back. I thanked him for his interest, and continued to do them. He came back over three different times to tell me not to do them(in the space of about 5-6 sets). The third time he said something I happened to have just finished my last set. So I said OK and moved to something else.

Only time I ever saw that guy in the gym at that time of day.

That being said, I have offered advice in the past, but most times just let it go. When I am working though(I run the PT program at my command), I am constantly correcting bad form because that is my job.

[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
Millions of threads on this. [/quote]

Million and one.

[quote]sen say wrote:
LankyMofo wrote:
Millions of threads on this.

Million and one.


Well, you’ve been around longer so I’ll take your word on it.

The general rule is No unsolicited advice unless there is an immediate safety issue.

I do break this rule when people authoritatively dispense BS in the form of discussion or expert advice. There’s only so much stupid I can take…

I try not to. Im 5`8 and 165 pounds. Im in no postion to correct anybody.

Only if they’re my age (high school/early college) or younger. Or really old. Those people usually appreciate it.

Otherwise, only if it is a BIG safety issue. Like the time I saw a guy loading a third 45 onto a bar with nothing on the other end -_-.

It’s best to just let evolution do it’s thing.

Well, first of all, you need to look like you know what you’re doing or no one will want to hear it.

If I see someone who I think is really trying, I might come over and say something. Usually, “Hey, man, you can tell me to go to Hell if you want. But about that thing you’re doing…”

People are receptive to that approach. I have never been turned away.

That said, I’ve maybe approached 5 people in the gym in my life. I just don’t see many people who are worth bothering with.

Generally people will approach me if they want to know something about what I’m doing. Of course, then I am always helpful.

Nope, even if I was qualified I wouldn’t.

I work out in a gym on an Army post. I’m sure the know-it-all attitude is bad enough at a regular gym, but at an MWR gym on a FOB every dude is the hardest mutha ever…and could probably teach Arnold a thing or two. At least in my fellow gym goer’s mind.