Gym Etiquette: Lack Thereof - Impossible

Though a common occurrence, it’s getting worse. Gym Etiquete–lack there of, is making a visit to my gym impossible. Ear buds and people actively talking on the phone while exercising, sitting on the machine between reps going thru text messages, blocking off 3 machines for just themselves Monday at 5:30pm. These newbies have no clue of any gym etiquette and it’s impossible to talk to them because the idea of etiquete doesn’t exist in their consciouses. It’s all about them.

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Newbies are the worst
I try not to go off on some of them anymore if they don’t understand

This is where Vince Gironda comes in and throws these inconsiderate people out of the gym

the reason why i hit the gym at 5am, nobody gets in the way

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This is something the owner or the staff of the gym should be responsible for conveying when new people sign up. My gym has everything from 13 year olds to 70+ year old men and women and there are no such issues. Everyone knows its a no bull shit place when they join. The owner makes it very clear and staff and members dont stand for it. I think you need to find a new gym.


Its one of the reasons I do not go to the gym anymore. Its just running and stretching for me with some push ups, bulgarian split squats and lunges followed by stretchin

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simo74 has it, but the old school ways are going the way of the Dodo.

I’m a nice guy till you talk back in a bad way, than…I’m not.

I’m a cranky old fart, stay off my lawn!

Take care.


Thanks simo74. Food for thought.

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What about leaving cell phones on plyo boxes, machines not being used, and on the floor?!

Also loudly reciting rap lyrics to oneself, for all to hear? This is the most annoying for me. I literally feel angry from this.

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We have a couple younger powerlifters that insist on using calibrated plates for every exercise. They are not that strong, they are not in meet prep. Do they really need them on the ez bar curl?

They are also kinda morons. Doing a max squat without a spotter is fine, but at least put the safeties that are sitting on the ground right next to the rack on. One of them has gotten stuck in the hole at least twice while I was there. Saved him once. Someone else the second time.

That shit is annoying, imma start stealing them if it keeps up :joy:

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Leaving them on the floor did surprise me at first.

Has anyone here noticed that some Gen Zers don’t get the concept of a public space?

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Sometimes 3 people are lifting together and one is using the bench for its purpose and the other two are sitting/sweating on two other benches… taking up 3 now.

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Now that’s just gross

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I laughed at this. Saw a young lad squatting on Monday night doing this. The calibrated plates in my gym are on the comp benches and the mono’s. He carries them 20 meters to the other squat racks that have perfectly good weights on them already. Also does his warm ups like he is doing a max effort. I am all for consistency in the set up and keeping reps the same but full belt and sleeves for 135 is overkill.

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This is the one that drives me crazy. I love my gym (soon to be my ex-gym), but some of our trainers are pretty bad about using plyo boxes as clipboard/stopwatch/etc. stands.

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