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Gym Etiquette for Waiting for Equipment?

I genuinely don’t understand why people are hung up on changing plates between sets. That’s all I do in a homegym.


At my powerlifting gym, I’m lazy as hell. I’ll jump in with different people as I’m warming up depending on who’s doing what

I personally don’t mind changing plates, but if you are having to go from 425 to 185 set after set it gets annoying as hell lol.

If I worked out at a gym like that I would probably do the same thing. The issue is I rarely get to workout with people stronger than me or close to my level lol.

Some of the girls get mad when I do that haha

I just don’t get it. I worked in with a guy that was shrugging 9 plates per side while I squatting 495. Between each set, we took all the plates off the bar, put it in the right spot and reloaded it. By the time we were done, rest was over.

I am at the gym to lift weights. That’s all that is.

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Yo hurry up my preworkout is going wear off.

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When my gym started, they only had two combo racks and two deadlift platforms. Basically people split up by weight range and worked in groups of 4-5

My gym since expanded


I work at 230pm, so I go at like 10-11am on weekdays, but even when I’ve gone in the evenings and it’s PACKED, I have a cool group of people at my gym. You can ask to work in with anyone and get a spotter anytime you need it, plus people are just helpful and friendly in general.


I have a home gym and I hate all the members.


For those wondering:

faces = asses in yoga pants and booty shorts.


because none of them will spot you?


Because my narcissism cannot overcome my misanthropy.

But I can sure try!

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Lol, I’ll never admit to it! But ya might be on to something there haha

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It doesn’t look like anyone’s answered your question yet. Yes, that is correct in your case. They said “waiting is waiting here” and you went along with it. I’m not sure where you live, but where I do there are no laws against that and gyms I’ve lifted in are unlikely to step in to manage this for you.

I was at the liquor store the other day, where one long line queued up for two available registers. A man walked in, took a good look at the long line, and had the brilliant idea of being first in line at the other register. So I set one of my Four Lokos down and says “Hey buddy, line’s back here” and pointed my thumb behind me.

Other times I’ve seen people queue up in separate lines, and you just roll the dice and hope you picked the right one. But when a single line forms, you need to respect the convention. I want my goddamn Four Loko and I’m not going to let some White Claw buying motherfucker cut in line.

You gotta do the same thing on the bench man.


Thx for your answer man. I guess I didn’t ask the question fully. There was no one I saw in immediate area so my question was mainly where is here considered. I know you dont want to crowd people. So when I saw no one around I came to it.

That guy took directions from someone holding a Four Loko?

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Why are you still drinking blackout in a can???


No he just gave me a fuck off wave and the lady rang him up.

It’s more of an image thing for me really.

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Braaah, he’s just a guy tryin to have a good time…


A few months ago an old friend from NY visited me in VA and after we left the bar we were at, we stopped on the way home for some more beer and couldn’t resist getting a four loko. At 12%, we’re already talking nearly 3x the potency of watery American beers. Make it a tall boy, and you’re looking at roughly 6 beers worth of alcohol in one drink. Add 60-ish grams of sugar, and you’re looking at a hell of a hangover the next day. 0 regrets.

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