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Gym Equipment Plans - Cable Station


Hey bitches,

Anyone know where I can find a guide for making a cable station? I'm thinking one on which lat pulldowns and tricep extension are performed. Actually, anything related to making equipment is welcomed in this thread.



Just copy the specs. off of an existing one and take it to a local fabricator.

This stuff is generally pretty easy to make, just requires some trade specific tools to execute. Use 2in. square tube steel w/ 1/8th in. wall thickness and go nuts.


I have no advice.
Are you building a home gym?


Something like that.


Dude, it seems easy but every idea I come up with never works...or is the stupid. =(


I've just got a boat steering pulley tied to a ceiling beam. I hang plates off the cable with some chain and a couple of D-shackles. It is limited, but effective. I mostly use it for rope pushdowns and face-pulls. If you want to stop the plates swinging, hold them in place with a bungee attached to the floor somehow. I made the whole lot with stuff I already had.


Home Dungeon?


Just go into a commercial gym, find the stuff you line, bring a tape measure and an angle measure thingy (protractor). Write it all down. Also take pictures of the metal components and non metal parts (seating/padding, pulleys, bearings, various handles/attachments, etc.). A fabricator should be able to do it all for you, but it's probably going to cost you as much as buying it direct from china or used.


this looks interesting...


Good in concept but the strength curve will be totally whacked out.


This might be of use: http://www.fullcirclepadding.com/index.cfm?event=ProdDisplay&CategoryID=36


Sup Bitch...no help here.


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How much do you wanna spend?

Cause I bought a powerline lat pulldown thing for the same reason...

it was $225 and it's plate loaded. I was happy with it.

Google 'jesup gym'. The first link that comes up. Click on it.

they have alot of good equipment that is atleast $100 off. The machine I bought is usually $300 something.

They have free shipping too.

Home gyms are awesome, btw. Keeps you away from all the bullshit found in commercial gyms and keeps you humble.

I'm not talented in building much of anything except bird houses... so jesup gym was sweet for me.

Just be careful if you go there... things seem to be slightly 'off' sometimes from them. For example... a low row bar that came with the machine... the hole where you clip it to the cable was off-center by a bit. Most of the issues I've had though are workable. My bench's pad had a dent in it. My power rack was fine from there though.


BullletproofTiger's right. Unless you can actually weld yourself (proficiently), and have the neccesary equipment to make the thing yourself, buying a 2nd hand or Chinese-made machine would more than likely be the cheaper option. (high volume production set-up, and economies of scale and such-like)

Or, just try the ghetto-style deal with the pulleys and the eye-bolt in the ceiling. Just make sure you screw that thing into the floor bearer, not the gypsum board