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Gym Embarrassments


So the reason I started this thread was due to an incident today. My buddy and I got done with some ME work and decided to hit some weighted decline situps. So we both got done doing about 2 sets and Im heading back onto the steep bench to get another set in. While sitting, I start sliding down. But my shorts and underwear didnt come with me. So my buddy and a few others saw what happened and...well I wont here the end of that one. Anyone else have one?


There are threads like this somewhere but I'm too lazy to post a link. I caught myself on the bottom of the chin doing push presses once and almost knocked myself out. Dropped the weight, stumbled to a bench, and sat for the next 10 minutes. lol.


If only there existed an entire thread dedicated to funny gym happenings


Really...that is embarrassing? I drop my britches and walk around nekkid just for fun sometimes. Shouldn't be embarrassed.


Chain slipped while doing weighted pullups. The gym was very full, and everyone heard my pathetic, painful noise and saw my fall from the bar into a cumbles heap. I got a pretty big blood blister from which I still have a scar.


You think that's embarrassing? Try doing front squats in your garage completely fucking naked when you thought your roommates were out of town, only to realize that one of them had come back a day early and is standing in the doorway watching you struggle through a heavy triple with your fucking cock swinging around. Also, try doing box squats naked, only to realize that box squats when you're naked is asking for a smashed nutsack at the bottom of every rep.


you think thats embarrassing? Try getting food poisoning and throwing up in the kitchen sink while simultaneously pooping your pants.

EDIT: and by poop i mean diarrhea


Oh yeah?!?!?! You think THAT'S embarrassing? Try having sex with some random chick only to realize that you had picked at an ingrown hair on your chest earlier in the day to the point where it looks like you've got a fucking bullet wound just left of your sternum when you take your shirt off and she goes "eww, it looks like you have a fucking bullet wound just left of your sternum!"


oh yeah?!?!?! you think THAT'S Embarrassing? Try getting really horny and attempting to have sex with a warm apple pie when no one is home... only to have your family come home and catch you banging a pie!


OH, yeah? You think THAT'S embarrassing? Try having sex with some random chick only to realize that you have had food poisoning since earlier that day to the point you now poop yourself at random intervals. So, when you go back to thrust you simultaneously poop yourself (and by poop i mean diarrhea) and throw up on her tits. But, you're so embarrassed you just keep going.


Oh yeah?!?!?!? You think THAT'S embarrassing? Try a good old-fashioned dose of erectile dysfunction/whiskey dick on the one night you let your roommates put a ladder outside of your room and watch you bang some slump-buster you dragged home from the bar, complete with loud booing from your friends (who have somehow managed to get three people all on the same ladder 15 feet off the ground) and hysterical screaming from the slump-buster once she realizes what's going on.

Oh yeah, and the slump-buster works with you.


Oh yeah? You think THAT'S embarrassing? Try having sex with some random chick only to realize it's actually a random dude with a boob job.


Oh yeah?!?!?!? You think THAT'S embarrassing? Trying being a fucking Catholic! OHH!








Is this a bad time to mention that I'm a baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic?


Funniest post of the day
So good lols.
<3 u


that was a dark day in my life Hallowed... dark day but I'm glad it has brought you joy <3


No, it's like being black. Only black people can say the N word, and only Roman Catholics can crack on Roman Catholics, otherwise you get your throat fucking slit.


are catholics even allowed to say fuck?


Then this is probably not a good time to mention that I'm no longer a practicing Catholic and haven't been to church in more than ten years, aside from attending with my parents on Christmas Eve.