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Gym Closing for 3 Month Refurb


Ok, so my gym has decided to close for 3 months, undergo a massive refurbishment. Do away with all the unnecessary bullshit to cut costs (steam rooms, saunas, other unused malarky) and change it's persona. This seems like a good idea, but has left me with 12 weeks of time I can't get into a gym. Another gym is also opening in 12 weeks time so it seems that there will be a nice choice in 12 weeks but nothing to keep me going until. I've made some good progress recently and don't want to throw it all away.

I did a brief search, but didn't really turn up anything. I have an old pullup bar and know I can do pushups and tricep dips off a chair or something and can go for a run ouside (gosh!). I was wondering if anyone knows of any routines that can be done without any equipment, that will tide me over. I'm not expecting to make any massive gains, if any (is it possible?) but I would like some sort of damage control. I literally have ZERO money to spend on any sort of equipment. If anyone could help me out with any routines they know of I would be GREATLY appreciative!

TL;DR: 12 weeks of no gym, need routine(s) to tide me over. Thanks



Where do you live that no gyms exist?

What city is this?



There only gym apart from mine nearby is treadmills and exercise bikes only, when I say only, I mean it's a tiny ass room and that's all they have. I'd rather go for a run than pay to solely use their cardio equipment personally. My former transport has been scrapped (piece of shit) and the closest actual gym now is either > 5hours walking (train fare each day would be financially absurd and I don't have it anyway), or a pretty awesome gym that's £80 a month, 12 month contract (almost $130) which I do not have right now either. Thanks for your helpful, almost clever response as always.


http://www.T-Nation.com/neural-charge.jsp - bodyweight exercises

Would it kill you to buy a barbell and some plates for the time being? You could deadlift. And as long as you can clean the weight you set, you can OHP, and front squat, right?



and google calizthenic kingz. at least i think that is how you spell their website.


or if a barbell and plates is too expensive how about... a kettlebell? or can you find a heavy stone or log from somewhere?

if they aren't going to be using things anyway... perhaps you could borrow some stuff if you leave them a deposit?

almost hate to admit it... but someone said something once about sandbags...

that would give you some kind of squat and deadlift anyway. even if you do need to go higher reps than usual because of lower weight than usual.

or you could do something like... teach yourself olympic lifting with a broomstick :slight_smile:


Thanks for the links and ideas guys. You gave me an idea with the deposit thing. Rang the gym and they said they would loan me a barbell and a few plates if I could get them from and then back to the gym after refurb and pay for any damages I did to the equipment. Never thought about asking them!



Maybe ask them if they are planning on ditching their squat racks with the refurbishment (just in case - some people have found them removed with remodeling). If they are you might be able to pick yourself up a cheap rack for the start of a home gym. And potentially other cool stuff. Just in case the refurbishment goes that way...


Thats awesome that they will lend you the weights. But just for the sake of giving you ideas...

You live in an apartment?

Make a sandbag. Or put heavy stuff in an old bookbag. Or be really crazy and do both. (Ex. while squatting you can wear the backpack and hold the bag, etc)

Be creative, its a heavy awkward thing. (Overhead press, squat/deadlift, pushups with it on your back...)

Whatever movement you are doing, use the bags to make it harder.

Pick it up over one shoulder and walk up stairs and back down, drop the bag, shoulder it on the other shoulder, and do it again. Become tired.

Its not ideal, but its crazy versatile, and a lot better than nothing.



I'll definitely have to ask them about the rack. And Zep, great ideas there too bud! Thanks for taking the time to help me out


If you have an Auto center nearby ask them for used tires and tie them together to pull, lift and throw. Also, I like the sandbag comment. You can set up a TRX style system with rope and scrap 2" diameter metal tubing to hang from trees, for pushups, pullups and inverted rows. Funny how Olympic Gymnastic Rings have been around forever and are now marketed as the next greatest thing, huh ??? good luck TGD and lift strong(er)


I am being serious when I ask where this is because last I checked, there was a 24 Fitness or a Gold's in nearly every major city in the country.

The advice being given is great....but if he is just not good at knowing what is around him, the answer could be MUCH easier.


Regarding makeshift equipment, I sometimes front squat girlfriends, and have briefcase deadlifted a cousin and overhead pressed children. You can always find stuff to lift, and if you want to go heavier just get more of them.


Or just feed them more.

Haha this is epic. OP you should definately do this.



This is an awesome idea. I'm about to travel...my wife WILL be my equipment....lol

(and the suitcases of course)