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Gym Closed on Weekends. What to Do?

So I just graduated college and the gym membership at school was $50 for the four months of summer so I opted for that instead of a local gym but it is closed on the weekends.

I’ve been lifting for less than four months and have been doing HIAH which is every other day but only working out MWF is getting old and boring. My question is should I stick with that, should I work out M-F with different muscle groups each day, should I jump to the Full Body HFT MWF, or is it entirely personal preference?


Paddy M

Well, if your goal of working out is simply not to be bored, then do whatever the heck you don’t find boring.

If the goal is to progress in some concrete way, like increasing strength and muscle, then it would be dumb to change up a routine IF IT IS WORKING.

You don’t mention what progress you have made at all.

You could always keep lifting MWF and find something new and interesting to do on the other days.

Go do sprints, pushups, chinups,pullups, masturbate furiously, etc.

on the weekend? get drunk and have sex with random girls.

eat pizza and ice cream.

duck tape random things to your roommates while they sleep.

go to the shooting range.

play xbox360.

see how many marshmellows you can fit into your mouth.

play a game of ‘fire in the hole’

agree with the guys above me, if your seeing results, keep the program. if not, i’d def recommend lifting mon through fri

Yeah, two full recovery days after a week of tough lifitng will do wonders for you