Gym Closed 3 Weeks Into Cycle: Train at Home or Stop Cycle?

So I started my first test cycle 2 weeks before coronavirus pandemic got serious. 3 weeks into my cycle all gyms closed. I continued with my 4th week and have a barbell at home with light dumbbells. My question is should I stop cycle and pct since I won’t be able to lift heavy? Or should I continue to week 10 while going hard at home?

If you have the ability to train as effectively at home as you do the gym, then I see no reason to stop. But if you can’t then it seems like a waste to spend 6 weeks on gear that you can’t use effectively. It really depends though, gyms could be closed for months, or they could open in a couple weeks. If you commit to going off then you’re going to be off for a while going through PCT.

Another option: cruise at 150 - 200 mg/wk until the gyms open back up. This is better for if you’re committed to staying on for a lifetime though.


Yep…could be closed all summer. I say stay on your cycle, throw another grand in the pot and build yourself a home gym ;^ )


Not sure what compounds you’re using but you’re likely one third to halfway through already. I would train at home for sure. High reps, crazy pumps, and get creative.


That’s if you can find anything to buy at reasonable prices. Even used shit is going for more than it was new. Luckily for me I never got rid of my hone stuff although it is limited.

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It is just a test only cycle. 300mg a week nothing crazy. But will just continue it.

Cool, sounds reasonable. That’s what I would do, but of course assess your own comfort level. I know I could do a lot with a barbell and a few dumbbells. Sure its not ideal but you’ll figure it out.

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That is true. I’ve even paid $75 for a pair of 10 lb plates. OTOH I got a pullup bar, dip station and resistance bands on Amazon for a little over $100.

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I jumped on the home gym train just before gyms closed (saw it coming) so got most of what I needed. The one thing I need more of is weight plates and bumper plates; but, as you said, I’m not paying 5 times what they would normally go for in stores. 300lbs will do for now… I’ll be happy to buy when everyone stars offloading when this is all over.

To the OP, I was a few weeks in on cycle and decided to go back down to trt dose because I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take to get my rack/weights/etc. Shipping showed 4 weeks, showed up much quicker. I’m going to remain at trt dose for a while because I don’t want to roller coaster. Might try again in a few months… if you have what you need to train adequately, stay on. If not, waste of a cycle.

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Unless you have a solid home gym with some heavy weights I don’t see it being worth wasting gear on during this time. Its hard to get the full advantage of being on gear without an actual gym to push your limits. I was thinking of starting a new cycle just before this all happened, I am glad I didn’t now. Cant freakin wait for the gyms to be open again. I feel like shit without my usual workouts. Body exercises at home are okay for something different at least for now.

Just stop it, dont waste your time. Do a mini pct. I stopped my cycle and in pct mode. It sucks but you gotta do it.

I dont know if running a cycle durring all this Corona shit is a good idea… Others here with more compound knowledge could say… As I understand it certain compounds lower your immune system… I wouldnt want to catch that shit with a immune system discount
Generally I run a spring cut cycle but with no gym and Rona out there Im just doing a TRT dose and lots of cardio… I want my lungs ready for 12 rounds with this beast

There was a guy on the ship where everybody got corona and because of an organ transplant he was on immunosuppressants which are way stronger than these steroids we are talking about. He had no symptoms.

Edit: found it.

The bad thing is that we don’t know on what kind of drugs he was. There’s speculation that some immunosuppressants actually make cells less susceptible to the virus because of the killing of senescent cells. I don’t think that the evidence is there so I’d be careful with immunosuppressant drugs and especially not take them for prevention like some think is a good idea. I think running a cycle is probably also a bad idea in this regard. Jut found this very interesting cause I would have bet the guy dies and he showed no symptoms at all and made several tests which were all positive. So he had it.

This is exactly what I was thinking, high blood pressure from test and the rona taking people out with high blood pressure or hypertension.

I know on cycles blood gets super thick…too much reds over white blood cells…yes some guys get high blood preasure on cycles so could be bad… idk…this is uncharted territory