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Gym Close to Newton, MA?


Hey everybody,

I'm hoping some of you MA locals can help me out. I just graduated college and left my good 'n cheap college gym and moved to West Newton. I've been looking around and can't find anywhere near with a power/squat rack that charges any less than $60 a month. I'm far too poor for that. Anyone know of a good gym that is within 30 mins of Newton that charges sane fees? Thanks.


Sorry man,

I live in Worcester and we have an awesome gym called "Bay state gym" here. They have freaking everything and its $40 a month or $300 a year. I would say it might be worth the gas/time to drive out here if you can't find something closer to you. Also I'd suggest looking around the allston/bright area, maybe try the Boys & Girls club (don't know if its still open) or the Y in Brighton.


Planet Fitness in Waltham. If you can put up with the purple motif it has a squat rack and is only $10.00/month.


T - I work in Newton and workout at the World Gym in East Boston. It's on the way home.

There's a Y in Newton near the Sheraton that strattles the pike. I don't know what kind of gym they have, but it's worth a shot.



There used to be an awesome World Gym on California St. in Newton but I think they closed a while ago. Depending where you work Golds by Fenway Park is nice, my personal fave when I worked in Everett is World Gym in Somerville great gym right next to Good Times with plenty of post workout N Shore babes.


Hey all,

Thanks so much for your replies, I knew you guys would come through. I'm gonna go with Planet Fitness in Waltham, cheap and close. Hopefully the purple will make me angry and help my lifts.