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Gym Classes


Here is some study stating that gym classes don't really matter all that much when it comes to childhood obesity.


Personally, I think that what matters is what the parent teach the children at home, and by extension, close family members. For example, it is very normal to exercise in my family. Both of my parents make the time, my brother and sister-in-law do as well, and my niece and nephew understand that mommy needs to go for a run, Aunt Tine has to go to the gym or that Papa is at his yoga class (yes, my dad is really into Bikram Yoga, don't mock... I suspect he does it for the eye candy).

We need to stop expecting the schools to do the parent's job.

Side rant.... I read an article the other day about how even people in normal weight ranges "diet"... and the article made it sound like a bad thing. Well, maybe they stay in the "normal" range because they watch what they eat!

/side rant

Another side rant... will it ever stop raining?! I'm so sick of this shit. I want to wear dresses and skirts and not be bundled up like a fucking waterlogged Eskimo.

/Another side rant


It was never really normal to exercise in my family, but it was normal to GO OUTSIDE to play. Also, growing up, fast food was a treat, not a staple. Home-cooked meals and an active lifestyle are what lower childhood obesity rates, not elementary-school gym classes. The way I remember gym class, the fatties usually managed to get out of doing much exercise anyhow. Childhood obesity straight-up pisses me off, because 999 times out of 1,000 it is the parent's fault their kid is obese.


I think that associating fitness with school is a mistake to begin with. I know that when I was a little kid I wanted very little to do with school when I was not inside of it. So why would I do things that you're forced to do at school? I would not.

It should be a rewarded and praised opportunity to get involved with fitness at a young age. Unfortunately telling a kid they'll be fat and have heart problems later in life just doesn't seem to affect them.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this.


Gym class was a whole lot of fucking around and maybe MAYBE running a mile a week. Fuck anytime my teacher actually tried to get us to work hard kids would bitch that they were sore after doing 10 fucking pushups so the teacher would give in and we'd play Frisbee for the rest of the class.

Fuck the only good thing about gym was when I got into weight training class, the teacher was a huge mother fucker and is the only reason that i got into working out in the first place. He helped those who actually cared and ignored the jackoffs that spent most of they're time texting while sitting on the leg press.

But yeah i totally agree most parents are seem to be oblivious to how much they are actually fucking up they're kids lives by letting them sit on their asses all day and play video games and eat like shit. When i got to Carl's Jr. once a week for my cheat meal and see 5 year olds that weight 90 pounds munching down a bag of extra large fries i feel like punching the parents in the face and i would if i wasn't afraid my hand would be forever lost in the fat.


My daughter has been sick lately, first mono then strep throat that wouldn't go away (way to many pills). Anyways last Friday she was being picked up by her Mother to spend Mothers day weekend together. As she was getting ready to go I noticed a bit of a ponch showing and said as much. Her mother (serious weight problem) says oh that's okay and starts making excusses for her. My daughter turned to her Mother and said "Are you kidding me, It'll be gone in a couple of weeks". Now that made me proud. I've done my job well


One of my workout partners brought his son with him yesterday. The kid is home from college, where he (by his own admission) works out regularly. He couldn't squat 95lbs. He literally couldn't stand up with it.

I don't know where this anti=athletics trend came from, but it's scary as hell to see a grown-ass man who can even squat 100lbs.


Sometimes, beating your kid is justified.

But seriously, if the idea of a seeing a grown-man who can't squat 100lbs scares you, I wouldn't recommend going outside anytime soon. A large proportion of the men you see every day in passing cannot perform this "feat", to say nothing of proper form.


I could not squat 110 lbs when I started lifting due to the simple fact that it hurt my neck too much, lol


im not even going to look at that link because i JUST finished a Psychology course (human growth/development) and one of the things that was stressed over and over was obesity. to summarize, kids who arent active in school GENERALLY tend to carry on those same habits into adult hood and gym classes/school athletics are a HUGE factor in a child/teen's body comp.

dont take yahoo.com as a credible source. especially when theyre a bankrupt company.


Why do you mention your school in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING POST? Seriously. You go to college. Congratulations. We're proud of you. Here's your fucking gold star, and cookie, now kindly STFU about it. Thanks.



Gym class is fucking bullshit. My 8th and last period is gym class.
We gather in the gym and sit in lines. Then, the dumb bitch cheerleader coach/gym teacher has us do crunches, push ups, and run some laps.

Honestly, what the fuck does this do? I just sorta lye there while they do crunches and walk a lap or whatever. Sometimes, she bitches that I don't run. Bitch, you try running after leg day at 235lbs. Go play with pom poms or some shit.

Then, we go to the weight room. I just read a magazine or walk on the treadmill like .5mph and the teacher bitches at me to go lift or run or some shit. I lift at my fucking gym and I'm not gonna go do crunches in the corner to satisfy her.

Gym is just bullshit. I hate having to go there 8th period. I'm fucking tired and I'm not gonna do shit; it's a waste of time. She even called home to bitch that I don't do anything. How cute, she thinks she has authority; it's fucking gym class.


because its relevant to the topic and i just spent 4 months learning about it.

i dont bring up school in every one of my posts. have you ever been to Strength Sports or T-Cell Alpha?


A few years ago now I used to teach a sport and fitness course to 16-20 years olds. These were men (no women for some reason) who wanted to do physical activity. I vividly remember a 17 year old boy only being able to do 4 Push Ups!

If I'd been that bad when I was at school I would have been beaten daily, and rightly so.

You'll all be pleased to hear that I don't teach anymore:)



My high school Principal had a Doctorate in Physical Education. I've often asked myself "Where the hell do you get a DOCTORATE in P.E.? And what did he write his doctoral thesis on?...How to make teenagers run a mile?"


I remember at my worst shape (230lbs) when I was 16 I did 6 pushups and failed lol
My parents encouraged me to play sports in highschool and I was still fat haha, but if they hadn't done that then I probably would have really blown up.




Hell, myself and every kid I knew when I was young, were out playing games/sport every day, all day. Gym class was just a drop in the sea. Even the kids who hated sports were mostly lean, we had very few fat kids. The issue is diet, simple as that. People don't take the time to prepare proper meals for themselves(or their children) anymore.


in primary school (5-11yrs old) gym was pretty cool, lots of gymnastics and rope climbing, with loads of football and hockey in the summer. highschool was kinda boring apart from rugby. i remeber being the only boy in the hockey group for a term - heaven!


It is appreciated and common practice to cite where your information or opinion is drawn. Some mention their experiences others mention classes they have taken or articles/books they have read. There are plenty of unsubstantiated balderdash on this site - it is nice to see people backing up what they are posting.

Live is in school. Good for him. Many who post here are and it shows up often. That is where they are in life and it adds context to their posts. Look around, there are plenty of threads directly dealing with school.

Back on topic: activity is important for kids when it comes to maintaining concentration throughout they day. The removal of PE is one of the factors researchers believe has lead to a generation of boys to fall behind girls in academic achievement. Less boys graduating from high school, going and finishing college and even getting higher paying jobs. So it is not just body comp to be considered here.


I'll agree that parents should be the ones teaching their children about fitness, but I think a GOOD gym class can make a difference. Most gym classes are crap though, just like most parents seem to be lazy fatasses who are too busy making excuses about their own weight to care about their child's weight problem. Besides, if they admit that junior is fat and unhealthy, the might have to take a good, hard look at themselves.

My son's school finally got a real PE teacher this year, and the guy's good. He gets those kids excited about exercising and he makes it fun. I've watched the class a few times and I've been really impressed. I don't care where kids learn to take care of themselves, as long as they learn it somewhere.