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Gym Chain

I just started a job where I’ll be traveling a lot. Does anyone have a recommendation for a national gym chain? So far it looks like 24-hour Fitness is probably my best bet, but I’d like some other input.

I travel about 60-70% of the time. I run 18 states in the midwest down to the southeast. Golds gym seems to be pretty consistent ALMOST everywhere I go but there are definitely some gaps. Here’s what you want to do. In pretty much any town of significance that has a couple gyms and numerous hotels, I have found a hotel that has bought a membership at a local gym or at least the YMCA. Call or go by a Golds gym and get their nationwide location directory. Call the Golds in cities you are likely to go to and ask if they have any deals with local hotels so you can work out for free. The same works for Bally’s, Powerhouse and World Gym. Get their directories and call ahead. Just a tip for the travelin T-Man- Get a good blender and a Bunch of GROW or as a second choice EAS Myoplex. Road food sucks and you’ll be much better off doin the MRP diet. Add lots of Bananas, FRozen Raspberries etc to keep the plumbin open though. Good Luck!!