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Gym Caters To Strength Athletes


I'm doing a business plan for opening up a health club of my choice. It's a project for my class so it is not real. At least, not anytime soon. Just need to get some opinion from people who are into strength sports.

Would you guys be willing to drive at least 20 miles or a 30 minute drive to go workout at a gym that will provide you with the equipments that will accommodate your needs.

I have also attach a floorplan of the freeweight room so you guys get an idea of what kind of equipment the gym will have. It's not complete yet so I still have lots more to add (e.g., indoor track for sled dragging, reverse hyper, etc.).

The other equipments are for the general public and accessory work. My plan is to have it open for the public but be more catering towards strength athletes because I know most of them (I know I did) would be willing to travel further so they won't have to settle for the typical commercial gym. I'm conducting this research to see if location will be a problem in attracting these group of people.

Here is a bigger picture of the floorplan.


when I don't live at school, my OL gym is over an hour away, and during winter break I will be commuting 4 days a week to train.

We have guys who regularly do 3hr commutes to my gym and I've heard of longer distances.

p.s more platforms! put all the strength stuff nearby and put platforms on the powerracks. its a great double. ie : 4 powerracks at my gym have platforms + 5 other platforms. tis good.


Well, it's not complete yet so more advice is always welcomed. Thanks.


If I were ever able to open a gym/fitness center, I would have some of the typical stuff for the fitness crowd, but I would have a separate room for serious strength work...multiple racks, with platforms, and deads, squats, and overhead work would be encouraged. Banging clanging and grunting would be tolerated(if not expected) inside this room. SIgns would be posted at the doors letting peopl


I travel 140 miles round trip once a week to lift at a gym with OLers and my coach.


I work out at a fantastic facility right now.

The bottom floor has a hardcore weightroom- 4 Powerlift power racks, 4 Olympic platforms, 2 GHRs, 2 reverse hypers, chains, boards, and tons of other stuff (including dumbells up to 150 lbs).

The upstairs has a bunch of cardio stuff, Hammer Strength machines, another power rack, and a set of dumbells up to 100 lbs. There is also a seperate "explosion room" that has ab equipment/stretching areas/bungee cords for doing jumping and running drills.

Its a fantastic setup. The hardcore lifters lift downstairs, the fitness crowd can "workout" upstairs without feeling intimidated.


I wouldn't be driving 20 miles because I'd be moving right next to it.


Everything looks good, except there's only one incline bench and about 5 or 6 flat benches. I'd also say to take out some of the assisted bench machines and put in more squat/power racks or Oly platforms. Maybe add a 50 yard turf field for sprints/plyos/sled dragging.

I also agree with the moving next door comment.



If I didn't own most of my own stuff, I would definitely be willing to drive for 30 minutes. When I was in Cali for business, I drove 2 hours one way to train at Diablo.

That said, your area better have a lot of serious people to get them to drive that far. I live in Houston and have found one guy that is willing to make the drive here.


thts an awesome avatar


Where are the swiss balls?


Are all the machines hammer strength?


I would add an area for farmer's walks and tire flipping. Make it two wide for competition between workout partners. It could also double as an area for sprinting and sled dragging.


...the parking lot?


I wouldn't want to have to be the poor bastard that has to explain to the gym member with the BMW why there is a 600 lb tractor tire on his hood.

Seriously, though...That would work except on days with bad weather (unless you are a real man and do farmer's walks in 3 feet of snow). Maybe mark off 50 yard lanes in the parking lot area for this?