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Gym Bench Too Narrow, Solutions?

The Bench in my commercial gym is way too narrow for me to be able to have a stable base when benching. I retract my shoulder blades and arch my back and my shoulder blades always seem to slip out at anything higher than 2-3 reps. Any solutions to this?

I was thinking of maybe cutting a piece of ply wood and putting it under my upper back to give me a wider base. I think I heard somewhere that competition benches were about 12 inches wide and the bench I’m using is definitely narrower than that although I might bring a ruler with me next time.

Any solutions or ideas would be appreciated, ever since I stopped Starting Strength and added more rows to my workout i feel my back is too big for the benches at my gym.

CHanging gyms might alleviate this.

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[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
CHanging gyms might alleviate this.[/quote]

Floor press.