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Gym Bags for Real Men


OP would fit in very well in a judgement-free zone.


Can you imagine a bunch of machines sitting around bs’ing about their day?

“You wouldn’t believe what this guy did to me…”


Not making a joke I actually would use that as a gym bag


@bulldog9899 You just reminded me that my next gym bag is collecting dust in my parent’s attic somewhere.


That’s the DPKR ruck (or close to it). There’s a silhouette in every military Hogan’s alley (shooting gallery) that is wearing one of those.

Muscle memory might cause some ex-military guy to shoot you.

(I’m joking, but my first reaction looking at the picture was “enemy”.)


Sadly, in our modern places of warfare, the wive’s beards are thicker than mine. Never saw one I’d be willing to fuck, even with a O-7’s dick.


Well to me Guinness screams manly


Not exactly sure of the actual negative impact of not having the proper gym bag would have on ones progress it the gym.


Imbalances and less than optimal progress.


oh yes…how stupid of me.


Pics or it didn’t happen


North Face Duffle Bag,


It’s “water-proof”, meaning that it won’t matter if it’s pouring rain which is a feature to me as I bike to-and-from work after the gym and I sometimes have my work laptop in it. It’s also easy to clean the insides, which matters a bunch when you take a fall and one’s lunch box gets crushed into glass shards and mushed food.

The color might not match your requirements, but when it’s dark it’s more visible than a black duffle. Also, since most people tend to avoid owning bright colored items here it makes it less likely that you’ll mix yours up with someone else’s which is, again, a feature for me as I bring it with me to the climbing wall as well and if I had a black duffle I’d be one in 50 people with the same bag.


Got this free about 10 years ago and it’s still going strong.


You don’t get to say when a thread concludes. Once you start it, it is no longer yours but belongs to all of humanity.

Or, you can end the thread with the purchase of this bag:


I moved back to the 70’s a few years ago so I like retro looking simple things. I just bought this.


Quality luggage is a small thing, but important.


Without quality luggage you’ll really limit the amount of progression available for bicep curls.



In seriousness, there are a couple of material items men need to be an adult. In no particular order:

a bank account and a retirement fund

a quality suit, dark (Even if not needed at work, you go to funerals once or twice a year as an adult. Show respect.)

a pair of nice dress shoes. No, not Johnston Murphy. A pair of Allen Edmunds or above.

a matching set of quality luggage

decent tool set, including drill bits and a nice drill, one for wood and one for metal. +1 for a battery charger and an air compressor

(depending on location and temperament) a firearm of your choosing

a reliable means of transportation



Why must it be matching?


I like pockets, pockets are cool, or an Aldi plastic carrier bag.