Gym Bag

Not sure if this should be posted here or off-topic. I have always lived close to the gym I have worked out at. Right now I am 1.5 miles away so I can drive home and take a shower and eat and go to work. I will be moving this weekend and will have to shower at the gym before work. Does anyone have advice on what to pack? I assume you bring a plastic bag to store the wet towel. Thanks.

Yeah man, I always shower at the gym, I just find it faster and more convenient (esp. in the winter) not to mention showering immediately (well right after my protein shake) tensds to help with soreness. Make sure you have the following:

  1. Shower shoes!! (Flip-flops, sandals, something!)

  2. Soap and shampoo - the stuff they have at gyms tends not be so wonderful

  3. Deoderant, etc (duh) :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. My gym provides towels, which is nice, but if you need to, bring one. Im not sure a plastic bag … mine usually gets damp but not so wet I need to put it in a seperate plastic bag.

Thats my main advice.

You did post in the “off-topic”. How can you possibly not know what you need after a workout? Do you really need help packing a gym bag?

Thanks Jim H. The deoderant is a given and bringing your own soap is a good idea because I use the bodywash product I read about on this website to deal with the acne that I get from tribex. I will try the towel in the gym bag without the plastic bag. I should have been more clear also in that I was looking for brand recommendations for gym bags also.
GM. Did I cut you off in traffic or something? What an asswipe you are. I can’t be the only one asking questions on this forum that seem basic to others. I have never had to pack a gym bag because I have always lived close to the gym I have work out at. I do not own a gym bag. What is it about that you do not understand? You are right about me posting in the off topic post. I fucked up.

Me think H-Man have very thin skin…

No, you did not cut me off in traffic. Ass-wipe seems a little harsh too, don’t you think? For someone who has always packed stuff, not only for myself but others in my family, it just seems that packing a gym bag is a logical thing. Whatever you use at home after a workout, should be what you bring with you–within reason of course. If you use gel, deodorant, soap, towels, clean clothes–then that’s what you bring. I didn’t mean to offend, just thought it was kind of amusing, that’s all.

I forgot–on a more “constructive” note–throw in a lock.

you want those flip flops because ( and this may not be grounded in science…) of fungus on the floors and other bad crap that may be lurking in the perma wet floor enviroment, not tomention people walk in their shoes in there and the guy who mops who knows how old the mop water is. Also dood when you shower towel yourself off before going back to the main area otherwise you’ll be tracking water all over the place.

Sorry GM. Asswipe was too harsh. I had and unbelievably rough week and took it out on you. I changed companies and had major issues with the new hire paperwork and am moving this weekend also. My apologies.

I have to agree with you. I have had thin skin lately. Hopefully once I’ve settled down with all the changes and all I will back to my normal level headed self. Maybe I need to cut back on the Tribex.

No problem. Hope your move goes well. I understand how “bad” weeks can make you feel. I’m a teacher and often my bad weeks are taken out on my own family. Ouch. So unfair. Us Canadians have a long weekend now. Hope you do too! :slight_smile:

Thanks for understanding :slight_smile: It has been an amazing week now that I look back on it. All I can say from personal experience is that teachers rule (starting with my Kindergarten teacher - Mrs. Register) and Canadians rule. Enjoy the long weekend :slight_smile: