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Gym Apparel

Out of curiosity, what do you guys wear to the gym to train in? It seems like all my clothes I wear to the gym are either extremely uncomfortable or they don’t hold up. I don’t know how many shorts I have gone through doing squats/deadlifts. I just can’t seem to win. I get cotton shorts and the rip easily. I get the polyester shorts, and they aren’t very absorbent (it is like I am wearing a plastic bag over my ass). Any suggestions?

Cheap cotton t-shirts from the Sal. Army.

Baggy cotton shorts.

I do tend to wear through them fast, and the sweat stench eventually stays.

Personally, I just buy them cheap and throw them away after they get too beat up. T-shirts from the good will only cost $2.

Then again, I’m not too concerned about what clothes i wear in gym.

pretty much basketball shorts(wore board shorts till i kept ripping them squatting), singlet of some sort and chucks

also wear seemless trunks by bonds perfect

thong singlet. gives full ROM

[quote]Ackrite wrote:
thong singlet. gives full ROM[/quote]

You forgot the helmet.

$2 T-Shirt.
$4 Shorts.
$9 Business socks (I go after work).
$25 Pair flat-soled shoes (only because I was told I could not go barefoot).

Underwear of unkown cost.

Prescription glasses.

I’d look homeless except for the decent wristwatch on my arm.

Cotton t-shirt and those Adidas running pants with a mesh layer so you stay cool and don’t get too sweaty. They’re pretty comfortable, too.

i just rock underarmor shorts and any tshirt i wore to class the day before that didnt get too stinky… and some chucks

I like hiking shorts. Tend to be tougher with wicking material.

UA loose fit t shirt, and UA loose fit shorts. I am amazed at how long it’s all lasted. Been using the shirts for close to a year and a half, same with the shorts. And a $25 knock off pair of chucks.

I love cut up goodwill t-shirts!

I always have issues with bottoms though. Those little cheer short are too short, men’s shorts are too baggy, my “yoga pants” are really tight and sweats make me, well, too sweaty.

Oh, and chucks. I loooove my chucks.

various t-shirts, various athletic shorts, socks, underwear, and either chucks or nike free’s.

Sometimes I leave on my track pants and hoodie for warmups, but they usually come off.

A cotton t-shirt, and a pair of UA loose fit shorts. If I wear shoes either Chucks or Nike Free’s.

Always the same thing everyday:

Adidas long pant. I’m on my second pair, the other ones had rips in the legs from deadlifts that eventually got too big that they were too revealing for a public gym.

Tight underarmour t-shirt underneath a random band shirt. I like the tight underarmour… no-one can see it and it gives me a placebo effect on bench press, as I think it keeps my shoulders tighter and gives me some help off the chest (but obviously doesn’t).


Pants and underarmour shirt are washed once a week if the rest of the gym is lucky.

Adidas Shorts and a really old Ninja Turtle shirt. Needless to say,I think even at the gym im fashionable.

2 identical pairs of shorts which I don’t know how I got.

T-shirts are either White Carlsberg t-shirts or different color Carlsberg t-shirts from the world cup promo.

Needless to say, everyone in my gym knows what I drink.

Rotating 3 pairs of shorts
Random Tshirt
White Ankle Socks and New Balance Shoes

UA shorts(theyre the shit)
any SOFT cotton shirt i can find
nike shox or chucks if squatting

MMA shorts, cause they support fighters, one of five singlets and Puma runners.

-T Shirt
-Basketball Shorts past knees
-Tube socks pulled up to right below knees so you can’t see my calves
-New Balance shoes