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Gym annoyances

Saw the classic annoyance today

3 dudes with weight belts, wrist straps, clown pants, doing curls in the ONLY squat rack, all fcking evening, making UUUHHHHG AAAAHHHHG noises like they were shtting a watermellon

little tiiiiiny forearms on all of them of course.

jesus wept

What’s got me well buggered is how anyone came up with the notion of doing curls in the squat rack…? I mean, it seems like the most “FUCKING SENSELESS” thing that a person could do. I instantly class ANYONE doing curls in the squat rack as a complete fucking dunce.

i belong to a sorry-ass, “glamorous” expensive gym. but shit, it’s extremely close to work. which makes it worth it.about 80% of the crap they have there is geared to upper body. i’m probably one of 5 largest/strongest dudes in there. I curl from the squat rack too !!.. shit, if i didn’t squat, curl, and military press from it, it would never get used. i swear, i’m the only guy using it. and i’m the only guy there who uses the 80lb.-100lb dumbells there… now, don’t get me wrong, when i worked out at a “real” gym. i left the squat rack alone for squating only. (damn i miss that gym!)

i agree with podge. at my gym the squat rack is hardly ever getting used. there are actually 3 of them that are hardly ever getting used. i haven’t curled in any of them yet, but it is damn tempting when there are 3 empty squat racks and the main area where i would normally do curls is crowded.