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I've been recently been recieveing an influx of people who are trying to "correct" my technique. Usually I just nod my head politely and then go about my thing, but it seems that they misread it as "Thank you, you clearly know more than I do, please have an opinion on everything I do". Most of the people who work out in the weight room are football players getting ready for the next season, and so they have a common way of doing a certain movement, as taught by the coach. The problem is that when they see something different they feel the need to comment. I thought I would just ignore it but today it seems that everyone needed to say soemthing about everything. For example, the coach came over to say I was BB curling wrong. I moved on to a superset between DB curls and cable curls. The idea was to heavy on the first, lighter on the second to hit both ends of the spectrum. Halfway some guy needs to comment that I'm going too heavy. Later, I do some close grip partials on the bench to keep the tension on the triceps, and another guy tells me how I'm slacking off becuase the bar didn't hit my chest.

My question is how do avoid this in a constructive manner? The "Smile and nod" doesn't work, I don't want to take 2-3 minutes explaining what I'm doing everytime a guy comes up to "correct" me, but I don't want seem rude. Any thoughts?


Ipod on loud, no eye contact.


Do you look like you know what you're doing?

  • wear a hoodie
  • big headphones (loud enough for people to hear)
  • no eye contact with anyone
  • zero facial expression just focus on what you need to do

Good Luck


by gym do you mean high school weight room?


I always ask them if they know what it is that I am doing. Most can't even answer that.

Are they correcting your bad form?


Get bigger.

Chances are you don't know what the fuck you are doing. Most people who DO know what they are doing aren't being hassled by people telling them they are doing it wrong....because they LOOK like they know what they are doing.

This is why skinny personal trainers are questioned.


out of curiosity, which gym do you go to? IF its either the York or U of T gym, those football players need some advice on how to play football, maybe offer them some.



Yeah, I have an actual gym membership where its all good. Usually I go late at night but I have exams and need that time to study so I workout at the high school weight room at lunch.




Stab them in the fucking eye.

A few weeks ago I saw a so called personal trainer who was teaching a woman some horrendously bad squat form.

Know what I did? I minded my own fucking business and kept my mouth shut, that's what.

People are the worst.

But yeah, get bigger.


Either you have a bunch of annoying shit-heads at your gym for no good reason, or you have horrendous form, most likely.

Along the lines of what X said, if you actually look like you train seriously, move a lot of weight on compound lifts, etc, people will almost NEVER question your technique. I can't remember the last time someone tried to correct my form, the only time people talk to me about exercise form is to ask for advice...hell, that just happened during today's workout.

So consider that maybe they have a point, especially if they're larger and stronger than you. If you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt they don't know what the hell they're talking about, go about your business, continue to grow and get stronger, and ignore them.


Fair enough, I think it's a little bit of both.

I've simply found that using a heavier weight with looser form on most pulling movements just seems better for some reason, so I don't argue that they don't have a reason in correcting my form. My only irk with all this is why people feel the need to have to give advice. I normally don't work out at school, and at the regular gym I never have this problem. There are TONS of people who dunno what they are doing but people mind their business.

The guys at the gym are pretty annoying though. Same guy that gave me advice on the DB curls, literally screamed, not grunted, but screamed while quarter squatting 4 plates.


X2 what X and HFM wrote.


Well as half the people on this site can tell you, I'm a big fan of doing heavy-ass row variations with looser form, BUT I make sure not to round my back for obvious reasons. Of course, I'm also BB rowing anywhere from 455-545 lbs with loose form....naturally, someone loose rowing a lot less weight is more likely to be "corrected" since the results aren't apparent in their case. FWIW, I didn't initially do rows with loose form....didn't start doing them like that until I could do strict rows in the 200's for a good amount of reps, and deadlift over 500. So having built a pretty strong base before I started doing loose form rows may have kept me from getting injured while doing them. Just a thought.


Upon meeting someone in the gym I immediately correct them on whatever they are doing. If they are not exercising I will correct them on their choice of gym attire. This establishes my greater knowledge and my overall gym dominance.

If anyone does try to correct me anything like "Hey that's the womens locker room" or "You know that is a sink and not a urinal" I immediately take off my shirt and say "Oh yeah if you know so much then I guess you abs must look better the these right?". This is not an easy thing to do especially when you are urinating in the sink but it does prevent everyone from ever trying to correct you again.







I can die now