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gw powders

Anyone else having problems getting their gear from this source. Its been over two weeks, e-mails are bouncing back so I think I’ve been scammed.

No GW is still in business. There is a GW scammer out there with a similar email addy. He might be the one you sent your funds too. I hope you get your gear.

GW isn’t a scammer. If you’ve been reading the boards you would know that he’s had to change his e-mail addy. Two weeks is not an unreasonable time to wait. I’m sure you’ll get your stuff and he will contact you.


I appreciate the response guys, I feel a little better. I just hope I sent my funds to the right GW.

Randingo, I’m relieved to read your response. I personally hadn’t got as far as ordering but was having a dialogue with GW about certain things prior to ordering, and then all of a sudden he went quiet on me. Now I know why. Thanks for this input.

PS to the previous post : all I can find on the boards is that GW’s Hushmail account is closed and to reply to the address on his monthly mailouts. However the mailout he sent me doesn’t have any other address other than for another guy to use if you want clomid etc. Can anyone give me any clues as to where to find this info? I was just about to order from him when he stopped replying so this has been really bugging me.

ask ‘the clomid guy’ for his new addy.

Thanks JP. I should have thought of that!