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GW 501516 Results

So, I’ve been messing around with this again at a lower dose (5 mg/day), and have been pretty impressed with the endurance effects.

i used this at 20 mg/day a couple years ago, but was training MMA at the time, and found i gassed quicker (but recovered quicker in between rounds). i’m training on a more conventional style now, lifting one day and doing steady-state cardio the next day. i’m pretty sure the change in training style makes this more useful for me now…

i really have not seen anything impressive with the fat loss effects, tho…

I had buddy who’s a little crazy and young, but really pushed the gw from 10mg then to 20mg and then to 40mg, it seemed like fat loss got better with each dose, but the performance effect platued out at around 10mg or 20mg, he was eating pretty good though, almost all he’s carbs where around workouts, right at mantience calories or maybe slightly above, and he got a lot out of it

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dang, that had to be pretty pricey…

I think the whole 80 day ordeal cost him around 200 bucks maybe a little less so not terrible I guess, people have spent a lot more on a lot less

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Am about 15 days in on 20 mg 6 days a week. For me its fantastic.
Work capacity a bit up with weights and can rep out slightly more on high rep sets.

Endurance WAAAY up for conditioning workouts. -Rowed in college and hit a 15 year PR on the ergo since leaving with pretty much no psych up!!

Upped carbs and good fats by about 10% each and still leaning out fast

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opened my 2nd bottle 4 days ago, i think…

since then, i’ve dosed this twice, and had explosive diarrhea for 2 days. i suspect there’s a correlation…